ZVex Effects Vextron Loop Gate

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Gating very complex sounds like fuzz and delay is a challenge that the ZVex Vextron Loop Gate meets and exceeds!

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The ZVex Loop Gate provides a loop switch with a built-in "perfect" audio gate (high headroom, no distortion, no hiss) that lets you set up a loop of pedals you can switch in and out of your signal path at will, but you have a couple of really fun options to control that loop that include a cross-fade "mix" option as well as creating tremolo-like sounds with "chop" mode. The beauty of introducing a loop into a noise gate is that the device looks at your guitar signal to see when you want to gate. It doesn’t even bother to look at the output from your loop of pedals... that is way too noisy to study. It’s much better to look at the incoming guitar signal to see what’s up, and that’s just what the Loop Gate does. The guitarist can have all sorts of crazy things happening in the loop without worrying that all of that sonic madness will trigger the gate.

The release knob controls two different things depending on what position the "Normal/Chop" switch is in. In "Normal" mode, the release knob acts as a way to control the fade out time of the gate or cross-fade. The release time is completely adjustable from downright slammin’ (counterclockwise) to extremely long and lovely (clockwise), like the most gorgeous fadeout performed by a professional engineer. In "Chop" mode, the release knob controls how long the gate,
once triggered, will open and close for. There is no fading in this mode; the audio is "chopped." This control can be used like a tremolo speed knob because the gate will continue to open and close in a rhythmic-like fashion as long as the gate’s sensitivity threshold is surpassed.

When in "Mix" mode, it’s impossible for your guitar signal to get into the Loop. In fact, the Loop Gate send jack is grounded in this case. The purpose of "Mix" mode is to be able to crossfade your guitar signal with audio being generated in the Loop. So, you’ll need something happening in the loop for crossfading to occur (like a self-oscillating fuzz, delay or playback device of some sort).

Chop mode is arguably the coolest/most fun thing about this pedal. You can still use chop even while in "Mix" mode, even though it might seem kind of weird. The unit will go back and forth between your guitar signal and whatever is going in the loop.

Get your ZVex Vextron Loop Gate Guitar Effects Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Effects Pedal
  • Model Number VEXTRON LOOP GATE
    Series Vexter
    Size Mini
    Circuitry Analog
    Parameter Knobs 3
    Footswitches 2
    Toggle Switches 2
    Power Requirements 9V DC power supply
    Power Supply Included No
    Battery Powered Yes
    Made In USA