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Yamaha YAC SHEWLEAD Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet mouthpiece


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MSRP: Old Price $74.99 Discounted Price $46.99 Save : $28.00 (37%)
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MSRP: Old Price $74.99 Discounted Price $46.99 Save : $28.00 (37%)
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The Signature Series mouthpieces are exactly the same as those used by the artists whose name appears on them, and they embody the wisdom and expertise of these musicians in their design. Each of these models is produced on a precision computer-controlled lathe, guaranteeing that each one is exactly the same as the one used by its namesake. Bobby Shew's Lead model trumpet mouthpiece is specially designed to give that extra sizzle and high note clarity for playing lead parts. Featuring a semi-round and semi-thick rim, very shallow cup and a narrow backbone it produces enough air compression for high range playing, but still allows for a big open sound.

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Amazing. Would buy again


Loving it! Delivery came early and i got to use it in my last performance in the season. It was so memorable! Definetely worth the price and wait!



I plan to buy many more Bobby Shew products


Killer mouthpiece that extended my range by several notes. Only negative is that it can become easy to rely on and will blow you out fast if not used wisely. Other than that, a solid addition to my mouthpiece collection.



Highly recommended for serious lead players


A great addition to my mouthpiece collection and it works great for me in the big band setting.



Definitely worth giving this mp a try!


Many years ago I played professionally, but got out of the business to pursue making a little money. Now that I have retired, I have gone back to playing again. I used to play on a Giardinelli 7S screw off rim mouthpiece. The 7S is a very shallow cup that made playing in the upper register a bit easier. When I started playing again, I tried an old Bach 7C for the bigger sound, but my range was really hurting so I tried the 7S again. My range was increased quite a bit, although nowhere near what it was when I played years ago. Since the plating on the 7S was pretty worn, I tried finding another one, but since Giardinelli went out of business they are difficult to find, especially the screw off rims. I have been playing for close to a year this time around and my range is close to what it was before. Still looking for another mouthpiece, I saw the Bobby Shew Lead advertised and decided to give it a try. Switching between the Shew and the 7S at the store, the Shew added about a minor third to my range. This is pretty nice, and in the upper register the horn just sizzles. The Shew is even shallower than the Giardinelli and not only did it increase my range right away, but those higher notes were easier to play. (A high F on the Shew was easier to hit and maintain than a high D on the 7S.) The problem is in the lower registers. Coming down to the notes on and below the staff, the sound quality is not as good as with the 7S (or other larger mouthpieces, probably). If you are looking for something to play lead with, to really belt out the notes up high, this mouthpiece is definitely worth trying, but you may have to work on your sound in the lower registers. I have been playing with the Shew for about 3 weeks and my sound in the lower registers has improved, but still not like the 7S.


Lakeland, FL


~~~ Set the World ==== a FIRE !!!!


I used this mouthpiece in a Harmony Trumpet, most likely equivolent to a student horn. I have played this instrument for the fifth month now. I played trombone/tuba---23 years ago--long hiatus. I used the 7c that came with the Harmony. No problems really for the time I have been playing trumpet. However, note above the treble clef were still tough to reach and I could not get that Louie Armstrong, Cat Anderson, Doc Cheatham, Harry James sound/tone/timbre. I figured, 'Well, they are pros and I am a beginner.' Went in to the Sam Ash in Burbank, IL---complaining to all that would listen that I was still playing with great strain and sharp pitch above the treble clef. The counterman says, 'Try this one." It was the Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet mouthpiece. Have you ever heard of love at first feel? Well, by the second note of playing with this mouthpiece, I was blown away! I could not get the money out of my pocket and on the counter quick enough. It has a more brilliant, pointed, brash, full-of-life 'in-your-face' tone while sacrificing no power. I actually had my ears ringing in the practice room after playing a few minutes. I am sharp no more above the treble clef. I hit high E for the first time in my life with this mouthpiece. High C I now play with ease and relaxation and not with lockjaw and rigamortis neck. Reiteration--it is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to play notes above the treble clef and much easier playing said notes in tune. The Shew Lead mouthpiece make my Harmon Mute sing and buzz with more brilliance and power. Though I am not as talanted as the pros I listed above, I at least have a sound/tone/tibre/amplitude closer to theirs. I have so much more fun playing now. Now, my trumpet sounds like a flugelhorn with the old 7c. Counterintuitive---absolutely NO sacrifice in low notes. In fact, I don't run out of breath as quick when playing these notes as I was with the 7c. The notes are sizzling, as if you cranked the treble up with EQ on your stereo. MUCH MUCH easier to play pp and ppp than the 7c. Can play ff and fff just as loud as the 7c. _____________________________ With only five hours on it so far, the only thing that concerns me is that the outer part of the center of my lips sting a bit after playing for more than 15 minutes. Maybe with more playing time with the mouthpiece, I will strengthen my lips so the sting will be no more. I don't feel like my lips are going to split---but the sting is more than just 'uncomfortable'. Also, unlike the 7c, which is forgiving if you do not 'buzz' directly in the center of the cup, with this lead, you better 'buzz' in the center of the cup or you will splat like the juicy insects that hit your windshield at 60 mph.. Minimal flexibility issues. I could not hit notes with acceptable attack often below middle C directly after playing up high with the 7c anyway, so not being able to do that well either with the Bobby Shew is a wash.

Jazz Trumpeter Wannabe

Berwyn, IL


YAC SHEWLEAD Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet mouthpiece

4.6 5


Material Silver
Series Signature
Other Features The Lead model gives that extra sizzle and high note clarity for playing lead parts. It features enough air compression for high range playing, but still allows a big, open sound.
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