Yamaha YAC AH37C4 Alto Horn mouthpiece

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Made of quality brass the 37C4 alto horn mouthpieces is highly regarded among beginning and professional musicians alike. The result of a special approach to design and manufacture, the 37C4 alto horn mouthpieces delivers the performance and comfort required where they are needed most: where instrument meets musician. The mouthpiece production techniques used by Yamaha promises consistent quality time after time. Our computer-aided design system and computer controlled lathe work together to produce the most precise, consistent mouthpieces in the world.

The 37C4 alto horn mouthpiece has a medium inner rim diameter and cup volume, which produces a bright tone, outstanding endurance, and easy of play from the lowest to highest notes

Things You Will Get:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Model Number YAC AH37C4
    Model YAC AH37C4
    Series Alto Horn mouthpiece
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