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Yamaha HS8 Two-way 8" Active Studio Monitor (Single)


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The ultimate update for the classic NS10 studio monitors that defined generations of hits that defined real-life studio monitoring, while keeping with today's new sound and digital production challenges.

The terms “analog” and “vintage” seem to be the big keywords that constantly pop up in defining quality studio gear we know has always delivered  the natural sound we've always demanded, even while working in today's digital realm.

Modeled after it's predecessor and improved from there
Today's major facilities still rely on Yamaha’s historically famous nearfield studio monitor, the celebrated but now discontinued NS-10. It has always remained the epitome of  the term “industry standard.” They were seen, heard and photographed in thousands of world-class studios. Noted for their brutally honest sound reproduction and unflattering response, these ever-popular monitor speakers are still sought after to this day in spite of the fact that they’ve been discontinued. The old saying went, “If it sounds good on the NS-10s, it’ll sound good on anything.”

A 2-Way Amp for a 2-Way Monitor
Yamaha designed the HS series monitors with a special 2-way speaker set. A new woofer and tweeter, each powered by their own dedicated amps, giving the NS10-tradition of flat response that means that your mixes will have their deficiencies revealed so you can make accurate decisions throughout your mixing process. But, unlike the NS-10, the white polypropylene cone woofer and a newly-designed 1" dome tweeter have an extended range much more in-line with the demands of today’s low-end content in many styles of today’s popular music.

As analog meets digital, your vocals, keyboards and guitar solos can keep their natural place in the mix as they always have, while your sub-bass and ultra-highs get their chances to shine as well. This will enable your final mixes to translate accurately and honestly to the outside world...ultimately what the NS-10's were famous for.

100 Years of Solid Sound-Friendly Cabinet Design
The monitor’s enclosure is constructed of high-quality MDF material and a multiple layer finish that minimizes resonance. This is where Yamaha's century of experience in making pianos comes in handy, giving you a cabinet that properly handles the frequencies that pass through it. Even the corners have a special 3-way mitered corner design that provides strength and unity.

The white woofer cone recalls the look of the classic Yamaha NS-10, adding low-damping rubber surrounds and full magnetic shielding so using them near your computer monitor screen won't be an issue. Around the back you’ll find both XLR and ¼” connections along with room control/frequency response switches that will tailor the speaker’s frequency output to your particular working environment. Very handy for less than perfect room dimensions.

With its famous heritage, full-range yet accurate sound reproduction and devastatingly handsome looks, the Yamaha HS8 Powered Studio Monitor is worthy of your musical masterpieces. Simply put, it ROCKS!

HS8 Features:
  • 2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor with 8" cone woofer and 1" dome tweeter
  • 38Hz - 30kHz frequency response
  • 75W LF plus 45W HF bi-amp system for high-performance 120W power amplification
  • ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM response controls
  • XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals

Things You Will Get:

    HS8 Active Monitor
    Power Cable
    Owner's Manual

Literally the best I've heard.


Hands down, I have nothing bad to say about these speakers. I have been a fan of Yamaha products since I was in the marching band. But these speakers, "AMAZING" . My mixing quality has greatly enhanced since I changed from my JBLs. I am truely getting a flat response. The Lows frequency range is more than enough to get the job done. After my purchase I went to guitar center and tried one of my recent mixes on other speakers I wanted to buy. None of them compared to the flat response I got from the Yamaha HS8. I Love this speaker and I definitely will be considering the HS series from now on.

Loco N-Sane

Holly Springs, MS


In it's price range, probably.


These Yamahas are not bad for the price. Much better midrange than most in their class. Low end can be a bit hard to judge and highs just a shred bright, or unnatural. I think it's the wire mesh screen over the tweeter. Don't know why they would do this on a studio monitor. But again, I'd say best in the class of monitors in that price range.




hey, excellent addition to my home/project studio !!!!


wonderful clarity at any level

Levi Ruffin,

las vegas, NV


clear sounding


This are nice sounding little speakers. One quirk though, the manual says ideal placement is 1.5 meters from a back wall. I can only fit mine a foot from the wall and it amplifies the bass that way since the bass port is rear firing and the bass trim switch on the speaker doesnt lower it very much. So if you are looking for them to sound neutral then placement is critical or if you only have corner locations to work with you might consider speakers with front firing bass ports or sealed speakers.

drummer carl

Santa Cruz CA


Flat Response


I'll admit these are good speakers, but they just don't live up to the hype in my book. They have great response for highs and midrange, but really lack when it comes to bass response. Now pair these guys up with the HS8S (sub) and you are in business. A little pricy for the two monitors and the sub, which would be my ideal setup for these speakers, but in the end its well worth the investment.

audio_steve is a Sam Ash reviewer

Indianapolis, IN


A powerhouse.


Powerful is an understatement when it comes to these monitors. I've mixed everything from crushing down tuned metal to bass heavy hip-hop to soft pop on these monitors. I can say without a doubt that these speakers are accurately reproducing what has been recorded and is playing it back with little to no added coloring. I compared these with a couple of other pairs of monitors in the same price range and these were the clear cut winner. Tight solid response with great definition on the highs as well as the lows. Transparency is key and these monitors are brought to you by the company that gave you the legendary NS-10's that these even closely resemble. Pair these up with a pair of the HS5's for a slightly different reference perspective. For a quality pair of monitors that are built well and sound great but won't break the bank these are a great value.

Cesar (Staff Reviewer At Sam Ash Music)

Miami Lakes, FL


Great studio monitor, especially mixing


These are the perfect solution for anyone needing set of flat-response speakers for mixing. These speakers will allow the true recorded mix to be heard, allowing for you to make the proper adjustments in the mix. That being said, the lows are definitely nicely focused while the highs were clear and clean. Durability is spot-on. These monitors should last for quite some time. Great when coupled with Yamaha HS5 5" monitor. This is a real hands on product review from Christian @ Sam Ash Columbus.

Runnin Sound

Columbus, OH

Amatuer Price, Pro-Quality


The HS series of Studio Monitors by Yamaha is by and far the best option for monitors you can buy for under $1000/pair. The HS 7's seem to be the most flat, but these HS 8's, with their 8" diaphragm, baaaaaang. If you're looking for a B set of studio monitors with some extra low end, want to drop your studio sub from your rig, are doing production work or just want the best home TV rig in the neighborhood, you've found the cure for what ails you. This is a real hands-on review from Ryan @ Sam Ash, Phoenix, AZ.






This Yamaha single monitor is great in pairs but also works wonders in a 5.1 surround sound system. With 75 watts of power it will handle everything you throw at it. It features a single XLR and 1/4" input with a standard power cord which is supplied. This is a real hands-on product review from David @ Sam Ash Ontario.

Music Lover

Southern California


Great 8" Studio Monitor


I did a side-by-side comparison between the HS8 and the M-Audio BX8 D2 monitors. I was quite surprised that they both performed to about the same level as each other. The HS8's had a nice full body sound with plenty of low end present in the room the test was performed in. I feel the highs were lacking slightly compared to the M-Audio's, but they weren't as "harsh" as some monitors are known to be. These monitors are best for larger settings, but can work for a small studio space as well. A subwoofer would not be necessary if using in a smaller space. Overall, out of most of the 8" monitors in this price range, I would recommend the HS8's as your go-to monitor. This is a real hands-on product review from Steve @ Sam Ash Huntington.

Steve M.

Huntington, NY


HS8 Two-way 8" Active Studio Monitor (Single)

4.7 30


Frequency Response 38Hz - 30kHz
Manufacturer Number .
Type Active
Enclosure Type Ported
LF Driver Size 8"
HF Driver Size 1"
XLR Input Yes
1/4" TRS Input Yes
RCA Phone Input No
LF Amplifier Power 75W
MF Amplifier Power N/A
HF Amplifier Power 45W
Power 120W
Additional Controls/Features LEVEL control (+4dB/center click) , EQ: HIGH TRIM switch (+/- 2dB at HF) / ROOM CONTROL switch (0/-2/-4 dB under 500Hz)
Weight 22.5 lbs.
Dimensions 9.8 x 15.4 x 13.1 Inches (WxHxD)
Series HS
Model HS8
Warranty Info:

The manufacturer's warranty covers parts for three years and labor for three years from date of purchase. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, and contains other exclusions.