Wampler Fuzztration Octave/Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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Wampler has coined the term "fuzztration" and defined it as "The torturous feeling of desperation when searching for the perfect fuzz." Ironically the pedal they named Fuzztration solves the problem it's named after. Featuring killer fuzzy tone, excellent controls, and awesome aesthetics, this pedal is great for any player looking to eliminate fuzztration.

Killer Fuzzy Tone
Wampler gave this down and dirty pedal all you need when it comes to fuzzing up your tone. There are two types of fuzz to choose from: "tight" and "open". Tight affords a muffled tone with compact, reverberating fuzz that seems to surround you. Open is a little more dialed back, giving you more spacious fuzz that allows more tone to shine through. When you throw in the octave circuit and mess with the order of the two, you'll find some other worldly sounds.  

Excellent Controls
Despite many, many variations on fun fuzz tone from this pedal, the controls are not at all overwhelming. There are two metallic footswitches at the bottom that engage/bypass the fuzz circuit and turn the octave circuit on/off. The octave can be used on its own as well. There are black knobs to control the master volume and the 3-band EQ, including bass, mid, and treble. The largest and most important black knob is the Fuzz knob which filters in however much fuzz you can handle. The two small metal switches above the knobs switch the order of fuzz and octave, and change the nature of the fuzz from tight to open.

Awesome Aesthetics
It doesn't hurt when a pedal has some super cool graphics on it and the Fuzztration has the type that makes it hard to look away. The large square box has a black base covered in a ridged face. And speaking of face, there's a clearly frustrated, screaming man's face dead center on this pedal. The Fuzztration name is laid over it in white, with a gnarly red heartbeat monitor line horizontal across the middle. There's nothing else to say about it besides - sick.


  • Fuzz/Octave Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Master Volume, Fuzz, and 3-Band EQ Knobs
  • Tight and Open Fuzz Tones
  • Pre/Post Circuit Order Switch to Swap Fuzz and Octave Circuit Order
  • Bypass and Octave Metallic Footswitches
  • Battery Connection and 9V Power Jack
  • Power Supply Not Included

Get your Wampler Fuzztration Fuzz/Octave Guitar Effects Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Model Number FUZZTRATION
    Effect Multi-Effects
    Multi-FX Effect Types Fuzz, Octave
    Size Standard
    Circuitry Analog
    Parameter Knobs 5
    Footswitches 2
    Toggle Switches 2
    Power Requirements 9V DC power supply
    Power Supply Included No
    Battery Powered Yes
    Made In USA
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