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Vic Firth Modern Jazz Collection #5 Stick Pair

An 8D shaft with a medium taper.


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MSRP: Old Price $17.50 Discounted Price $10.49 Save : $7.01 (40%)
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A unique nylon tip marries elements of a barrel and an oval, for bright and well-defined cymbal sounds.

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Very comfortable and versatile


Vic Firth is kind of a legend in the drum realm and many know his sticks have a known legacy for quality. The all new modern jazz collection adds a new element to the already massive Vic Firth lineup. While they are labeled as a "jazz" stick I'd encourage any player to try as many different kinds of sticks as they can and find the ones that are comfortable and inspire them to play their best. Sticks are highly personal and subjective oftentimes what works for one may not work for another, so experimenting is highly encouraged. My summary for these particular sticks is that players who prefer a lighter stick that dishes up great response and feel with a leaning toward brighter more articulate cymbal sounds will really like this stick. Whether you already play a light stick such as an 8D or 7A or you have beefier sticks these could be your new favorite or a great compliment to your existing collection in your stick bag. As a drummer that plays in live/recording situations across a myriad of musical styles it's nice having tools for anything that can be thrown my way. Check out all the Vic Firth Modern Jazz sticks at your local Sam Ash and find your favorite!

Nate M

Cincinnati, OH


Great Sticks


Classic Vic Firth feel, made in America with the same Hickory wood we all know and love. Nylon tips keep these sticks going strong as they maintain a balanced in hand feel for beating away on your cymbals. Definitely a great, durable set of sticks that are more than suitable for cymbalists of all levels

Darius Taylor

Edison, NJ

Great Stick


I know the name implies that these are only good for jazz, but that's not really the case. These are really good for anybody who plays with finesse and really wants to have a lot of options as far as sounds they can get out of a cymbal. I would recommend that anybody at least try them. They might be your favorite stick.

DJ Jazzy Josh

Canoga Park, CA


Great Stick!


This is a great drum stick, very usable for many styles. It is well balanced with a great tone and attack. The wood is very strong and you can tell it is designed to take a beating. I would recommend any drummer give these a try and see if it works with their feel and style




jazz stick


very balanced and feels good. Being tapered and oval is can be used for a variety of sounds of cymbals. Nice all around stick!

Lee @ Sam Ash Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH

Modern Jazz Collection #5 Stick Pair

4.8 5


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