Trick Drums “Bigfoot” Pro 1-V Bass Drum Pedal

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The “Bigfoot” Pro 1-V Bass Drum Pedal is an advanced design pedal, designed by drummers, that is sure to satisfy the individual needs of any drummer under any playing conditions!
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Please note: The BIGFOOT only differs from the standard Pro1-V in that it has one solid 13 inch footboard hinged at the end rather than having a heel block. The BIGFOOT design is also called a “longboard”, “heel-less” or “solid footboard”. For most people this is not a requirement for a style or technique but is, in fact, just personal preference.

TRICK Percussion states about the Pro 1-V bass drum pedal that “When we began designing the Pro 1-V we wanted to build a pedal unlike anything ever made, with never-before-seen features that are truly useful to today’s drummers. Even for Trick, where innovation is the norm, the result of that design process was nothing short of revolutionary. To begin with, the Pro 1-V isn’t comprised of cast metal parts assembled with screws, hinges, and springs that can be found in any hardware store. It’s a high-tech combination of precision-machined components created on the latest state-of-the-art CNC equipment. “

But as advanced as it is, the Pro 1-V wasn’t designed by engineers. It was designed by drummers, with an eye toward serving other drummers better than any pedal has ever done before. The result is a pedal that is so responsive, so smooth, and so infinitely adjustable that it’s sure to satisfy the individual needs of any drummer under any playing conditions.

Unique (and revolutionary!) features of the Pro 1-V BIGFOOT Bass Drum Pedal include:

•,Compression Spring Technology - Virtually every pedal on the planet uses an expansion spring that stretches when the footboard is depressed. When that spring “snaps back,” it brings the beater back from the bass drum head. The problem with this design is that springs like these can stretch out over time, reducing the pedal’s response and speed. They can also break at the most inopportune times. The Pro 1-V features an internally housed compression spring which has the ability to cycle faster and utilize energy more efficiently than expansion springs can. With the Pro 1-V’s compression spring and profiled cam follower (another industry first), you will feel less spring-tension build-up as the beater approaches the head. This is just one of the reasons why the Pro 1-V feels smoother, faster, and more responsive than any other pedal ever made.

•,Player-Friendly On-The-Fly Adjustment - Adjusting the spring tension on most bass drum pedals is an imprecise and inconvenient process of either removing the pedal from the drum, or getting down on one’s hands and knees to fiddle with nuts and knobs. The Pro 1-V’s spring tension is easily adjustable by means of a knurled dial conveniently located on the upper portion of the main housing. And by “convenient,” we mean that the dial can be comfortably reached and adjusted while you’re playing, allowing you to literally “dial in” the perfect tension setting. This innovative feature is so original, it’s patented!

•,Independent Split-Cam System - The Pro 1-V’s adjustment capabilities aren’t restricted to its spring tension. The pedal also features a fully independent split cam that lets you infinitely adjust the beater position independently from the drive cam angle, with a 360-degree range of smooth yet solid settings. The attitude and attack of the pedal can thus be changed in seconds (and a printed memory gauge helps you lock in your setting). This system also allows for immediate conversion of the Pro 1-V into an upward-striking cocktail-kit pedal, or into a trigger pedal for electronic percussion systems.

•,Stroke Adjustment Cluster - This patented three-position cluster is an integral part of the sophisticated geometry at work on the Pro 1-V. It provides separate adjustments for the footboard angle as well as the pedal’s action, throw, and overall feel.

•,Heavy-Duty Baseplate - And when we say “heavy-duty,” we mean it. The Pro 1-V baseplate is machined from solid billet aluminum. Though light in weight, it’s much stronger than the thin stamped-metal plates found on many petals. With a tensile strength certified to withstand over 12,000 pounds per square inch, this baseplate provides a sturdy foundation for the other high-tech components of the Pro 1-V.

•,Hi-Tech Footboard - How can a footboard be “high-tech?” It starts by being milled from solid billet aluminum that is fracture-tested to 12,000 PSI. Then the footboard is attached to the heel plate using a pressed-fit, hardened solid-steel pin. Attaching the two components this way is much sturdier and more reliable than using a hinge, with fewer moving parts that could break down over time.

•,Universally Adjustable Beaters - Far beyond the traditional felt or composite beaters, the TRICK patented Pro 1-V beaters can quickly and easily be moved to any height along their titanium shafts, using only a standard drum key. Once there, the angle of the beater can also be adjusted to maximize the amount of surface area striking the drumhead and producing the fullest possible sound. Hard and soft change-out surface options are included with the beaters (which are also sold separately).

•,Slide-Trac/Rapid Release Hoop Clamp - No pedal is ideal if it can’t be put on a bass drum easily and if it doesn’t stay there securely while being played. The multi-purpose Slide-Trac Rapid Release Hoop Clamp lets you simply press down on a spring-loaded lever, slide the pedal onto the bass drum hoop, and release. No more fumbling with wing nuts or drumkey bolts. When it’s time to pack up, simply squeeze down on the lever to disengage the clamp, remove the pedal, and hit the road! But don’t think a lever-action clamp lacks security on the hoop. That’s where the Slide-Trac feature comes in. It’s designed to fit snugly and perfectly on any brand of bass drum hoop, regardless of width or thickness. Its patented design includes three memory set-screws that permit you to pre-set the clamp to fit your hoop size and the distance from the head, for fast set-up and tear down time after time.

Put all of these features together and you have an amazing bass drum pedal!

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Things You Will Get:

  • “Bigfoot” Pro 1-V Bass Drum Pedal
  • Model Number P1VBF1-14-D
    Model Bigfoot
    Series Pro 1-V
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