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Traveler Guitar Speedster Travel Electric Guitar (Rosewood Fingerboard)


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Discounted Price $399.99
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The Speedster is the electric evolution of the Pro-Series. Known best for its removable "tear drop" upper arm support and engine turned accents, the Speedster is loaded with a high output blade humbucker for the classic tones of today and yesterday.

The Speedster features an Eastern American Hard Maple body and neck, along with a rosewood fingerboard. With the look, feel, and sound of a full size solid body electric, the Speedster is great for the rocker on the run. Comes with a custom-fitted gig bag.

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Things You Will Get:

  • Electric Guitar
  • Gig Bag

Some flaw with the design


THE PORTABILITY OF THIS GUITAR IS THE BEST YOU CAN GET WITH THE RIGHT FRETBOARD SIZE. I like the look of the guitar a lot, along with its compact size and weight and the carrying case that came with it. It really is the most compact guitar of the "right scale". the feel and color, and the tone is also very nice. BUT, there are two things that the company can do to make this guitar perfect, which is (1)replace those wheels that bends the strings to the back of the guitar. because every 2 strongs share one wheel, tuning the guitar is very hard because it changes the tention of the second strings on the wheel a lot when you tune the first one. (2) THE GUITAR IS NOT DESIGNED TO LET YOU DO ANY BENDING. because once you bend a note or two, it goes waaaayyy off tune (it is not designed to be used with a wammy bar, plus there no fexibility to allow you bending.) This is a major flow for the guitar because BENDING IS A PART OF PLAYING A GUITAR. im very reluctant to say this but... i would probably not recommand thsi guitar to a friend. although the rest of the guitar is excellent, but not being able to bend the strings is like not getting half of what you paid for..


Los Angeles


Great traveling companion


I travel a lot for work and spend a lot of time in hotels. I wanted something for practice and to kill all that hotel time with, so I bought the Speedster a couple of years ago. This guitar packs up really small yet with the teardrop attached it feels very comfortable. I've tried it without the teardrop but didn't get comfortable with it, and it only takes a few seconds to attach anyway. It comes with a decent little gig bag (not great, not well padded, but ok) and I usually just throw it in my truck that way, but I've found that it (in the gig bag) also fits diagonally in a larger standard suitcase along with my clothes. It has spent a lot of time in the back seat of my truck in all temperature extremes with no ill effects and the overall quality is fine. It's no top shelf quality, custom built, guitar by any means, and I wouldn't exactly call it pretty, but hey... for what I wanted it for I have no complaints in that area. I have a small video camera case containing a Korg Pandora w/ AC adapter, a decent set of over the ear folding headphones, extra strings, a few tools, cords, picks, etc, so with this little kit and the small Speedster I have a very portable package with a lot of flexibility. The sound is surprisingly good IMHO, although it wouldn't replace my homebound ESP in that regard. I normally play the Speedster through the Pandora so I have a lot of flexibility with the sound, but even plugged into my amp at home it doesn't sound bad at all. The only negative I really have is with the tuners. They work ok but with the rollers and the tuner location it isn't the most convenient or quickest guitar to tune. But then again the tuner location really does a lot to make the guitar small enough for my needs so the minor inconvenience is a worthwhile trade-off for me. Plus, mine seems to hold tune pretty well anyway. On my particular example the intonation was spot on from the factory and the action suits my style well, although the transition to the light strings takes a little time to get used to when I switch to other guitars. Overall I can't find any real complaints. If this one was stolen, damaged, etc, I'd buy another right away and that is the real test for me. I'd also recommend this guitar to anyone that has the need for the portability. If you play guitar, travel a lot, and don't want to lug around a full-size instrument, you need the Speedster. I rated it 5 stars simply because, for the price, and intended purpose I can't really think of any improvements. Other than looks, anything I would change would either add to the price or take away from the portability or other positive attributes.

yep, just me



Excellent fun guitar


This is an excellent guitar for bringing to parties or when jam sessions can pop up. It has good tone even though the pickup isn't real strong.After I received it I set up the bridge for perfect harmonics with a basic electronic tuner, and it sounds great. I recommend lubricating the string rollers with a lithium or silicone grease to make tuning easier. It's a good guitar.




Fun Travel Guitar


Great guitar to take on the road, that's the main reason I bought this guitar. I travel every week as an airline employee, so I needed something small and this guitar is working out just fine. Just keep this in mind that this is made for traveling not as your primary guitar.It has a good feel to it and does sound surprisingly well.




Great travel guitar!


"This is an amazingly playable guitar despite the odd shape. When I initially purchased this guitar, I assumed the tear-drop would find a home in my closet, but it turns out to have a dramatic impact on comfort and playability. The neck is full-sized, so it works fine for the fat-fingered. The action was fantastic right from the store. It comes with a single-coil sized hot rail humbucker that sounds pretty thin for my tastes. As a result, this would never be a gigging guitar for me. But in combination with my Pandora and iPod, it is extremely compact and goes with me everywhere. The tuning pegs are awkardly positioned making it a bit of a chore to tune, and the rolling bridge and wrap-around string configuration can cause inconsistent string-tension making tuning even worse. But it's well worth it to lose the headstock and save on precious space. And heck, it's still easier to tune than a guitar with a floating trem. I've had it now for about 6 months and have had zero mechanical or build related problems. For people that travel a lot, I highly recommend this guitar."



Speedster Travel Electric Guitar (Rosewood Fingerboard)

4.2 5


Other Features Dual-Rail Humbucker Pickup,
Model Speedster
Warranty Info:

Speedster Travel Electric Guitar (Rosewood Fingerboard)

The manufacturer's warranty covers parts for three years and labor for 90 days from date of purchase. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, and contains other exclusions.

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