Tama Tension Lock - Pack of 10

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The Tama TTL10 Tension Locks keep your snare in tune during performances.
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Normally during performances, tension rods tend to loosen. This causes the snare to detune and by the end of the set, your sound is not where you first had it. This can cause in consistency for live shows. Lug locks worked great but required you to detach them every time you wanted to tune. Tama solved both issues with their innovative Control-O-Ring and perfect fit octagonal hole, allowing you to tune after attached while also keeping the tuning during performances. The Tama TTL10 Tension Locks fits most drum hoops.

Perfect Fit Octagonal Hole
With eight evenly placed protrusions around the hole, the Tension Lock fits perfectly on a square head bold. This prevents the bolt from loosening.

Control O-Ring
The O-ring built into the Tension Lock is specially designed to prevent the bolt from loosening or rotating while playing. Yet, it still allows the bolt to turn for tuning. And because of this O-ring’s elasticity, which plastic lug locks don’t have, the hole won’t deform even after a lot of tunings.

Fits Most Drum Hoops
The offset position of the hole allows the Tension Lock to fit a wide range of hoops.

  • Keep your snare in tune during performances
  • Innovative Control-O-Ring
  • Allows you to tune while attached
  • Perfect Fit Octagonal Hole
  • Fits Most Drum Hoops

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Things You Will Get:

  • (x10) Tension Locks
  • Model Number TTL10
    Model TTL10
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