Zildjian K Sweet Series

To kick off our breakdown, the hi-hats in the Zildjian K Sweet Series come as a 14” and 15” pair for drummers looking to integrate Zildjian color tonality to their kit. Defined by a dark, responsive sound with full wash, each pair exhibits extensive K Hammering, a thin top, extra heavy bottom and unlathed bells. Jazz, pop, rock, hip-hop — don’t be restricted by your gear. Any genre comes naturally to the K Sweet Series.

Darker sound with a faster attack gives the Zildjian 21” K Sweet Ride and 23” K Sweet Ride a wave of sonic brilliance for any drummer looking to tap into uncharted percussive territory. While dark in nature, this tone is juxtaposed with some sweet, sultry characteristics as well. Traditional K style hammering and a robust lightweight physique put the icing on this cymbal cake.

As a drummer, the last thing you want is a flimsy crash without definition or explosion. The Zildjian K Sweet Series offers beautiful crash cymbals of 16”, 17”, 18”, 19” and 20” for your personal size preferences. Expect a fast attack with a short sustain regardless of diameter, resulting in a low to mid-pitched volume. You won’t drown out your singer, your guitarist or any of the kick-butt fills you love to do during the set.