The SA2200 is a premium Yamaha guitar, fully stocked and expertly built in Japan. The intricacy in crafting this guitar takes it to another level. The double cutaway semi-hollow body is cut from laminated sycamore, supported by a soft maple center block. The neck is mahogany and features a 24.75″ scale length, with a soft “D” shape, for supreme feel from headstock to neck joint. It’s completed with a beautiful ebony fingerboard.

The SA2200 is stocked with Yamaha Alnico V humbuckers, which are now equipped with coil-splitting capabilities. Using the coil-splits and three-way pickup selector, you get a grand total of 12 different sounds from this guitar’s electronics.

If you love Yamaha or just want a top-of-the-line semi-hollow, the SA2200 is the one.

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