Yamaha MX series Synthesizers offer the incredible Motif XS sounds in a portable controller that also works great with your favorite DAW/VSTs and the all new Yamaha FM Essential IOS app. To learn more about these incredibly affordable yet full featured synths, we invited Yamaha keys specialist Phil Clendeninn into the Sam Ash Spotlight for a complete walkthrough of the MX49 and MX 61 Synthesizers.

Sounds for Days:

With the Yamaha MX series you get instant access to over 1000 voices ranging from strings to pianos to guitars to space age synths. You also get incredible drum kits, beautiful multi element synth based soundscapes and sweeping effects options. One of the most fascinating parts of the MX sound engine is the variety of Organ emulations including an excellent Hammond style setting and an absolutely lush pipe/church style organ. Check out Phil transition from rock guitar to grand piano in mere seconds, and then transition back to a more traditional string tone. We also get an overview of the split and layering functionality on the MX Synths. The controller makes it easy to find a great beat for accompaniment opening a pathway to a variety of styles from dance driven hip hop to new wave bliss. The most important thing to note about the MX series is that they leverage the incredible legacy of Yamaha keyboards, synthesizers and workstations. This includes the Motif XS sound engine which powers Yamaha’s professional stage keyboards and now blesses the MX series, giving you instant access to a full menu of dynamic sounds. For everything from traditional acoustic pianos to futuristic funk, the MX is your pathway to Yamaha’s 30 plus years of sonic research and innovation. You also get professional effects courtesy of the Yamaha VCM FX engine. The VCM FX sound engine drills down to the circuit level to deliver intricate effects including phasers, wah-wahs, light distortion, germanium fuzz, EQ’s and more. The VCM evokes classic analog effects. For arranging, the MX series offers 16- part 128 note polyphony. This helps you take full advantage of the MX sequencing capabilities and allows you to build full ensembles without interference .

IOS Compatible:

The MX series works great with the free Yamaha FM Essential IOS app for iPhone or iPads. Simply connect your smart device to your MX using lighting to USB adapter and you’re ready to rock out to an incredible collection of Yamaha FM synth sounds. The app puts true synthesis in your hands allowing you to set up wave tables and oscillators. Once connected, your MX will give you complete control of this powerful application allowing you to mix and match the on board sounds with the FM synthesis engine on the app.

 Portable Powerhouse:

The MX series was designed for simple and easy transportation from gig to gig. You can easily carry the MX 49 or the MX61 with one hand. The overall compact form factor is also ideal for smaller desks and crowded home studio spaces. However, amazingly the MX series doesn’t sacrifice feel for portability like most hardware solutions in its class. The full size keys are velocity sensitive and offer a professional action for a seamless transition from larger stage and digital pianos. The MX synths also pack a plethora of multi-function controls above the key bed so you can apply effects and change sound categories on the fly. The bidirectional USB circuit allows you to throw the MX sounds directly into your software for larger projects, while the keyboards built in Audio interface delivers a high quality output signal to your studio monitors or headphones.

Yamaha MX 49 Synthesizer:

49 Full Size Velocity Sensitive Keys

Weighs Under 9 Pounds

128 Note Polyphony

Includes Cubase AI/ Steinberg Prologue/ Yamaha YC-3B Organ

Yamaha MX49 Synthesizer(Blue)
Yamaha MX 49 Synthesizer








Yamaha MX 61 Synthesizer

61 Velocity Sensitive Full Size Keys

Weighs Under 11 Pounds

128 Note Polyphony

Includes Cubase AI/ Steinberg Prologue/ Yamaha YC-3B Organ

Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer(Blue)


Yamaha MX 61 Synthesizer