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The Montage 8 may be Yamaha’s latest flagship synthesizer but it benefits from a deep 100 year legacy of Yamaha production and piano gear including the legendary DX7 and more recent Motif series workstations. With the Montage, Yamaha wanted to set new heights in terms of sound quality, workflow, control and feel in order to inspire your creativity and passion for music creation. So lets check out everything you need to know about this powerful Synthesizer.

Start your Engines

The Montage 8 is designed to make your workflow much smoother and more straightforward. This is especially evident when discussing the Motion Control Synthesis feature, which unifies the AWM2 and the FM-X engines. The ability to easily combine, layer and zone the AWM2 engine which provides high quality waveform and subtractive synthesis and the FM-X engine that delivers modern frequency modulation heard on everything from new wave to EDM gives you a limitless sonic pallet. You can also use Motion Control to create deep and dynamic compositions and expressive sounds that will exactly mirror things like the true resonance of woodwind/stringed instruments.

Super-Charged yet Simplified Control

So Motion Synthesis seems cool, but how do you take full advantage of it? Enter the appropriately named Super Knob……..This large and conveniently placed control allows you to modify various parameters during performance. You can even map the knob to adjust multiple parameters simultaneously. For instance, you can set the knob to adjust the amount of echo, reflect EQ changes, and diffusion rate taking your audience from an intimate club to the atmosphere of a large concert hall, and back again. The Super Knob can even be assigned to FC7 foot controller so you can take advantage of the Super Knob while keeping both hands on the keys.

Sounds for Days

The Montage 8 contains the entire Motif XF sound library so you have a serious selection of sounds to use with the motion control synthesis feature. With the performance merge feature, you can combine the new Montage sounds with the Motif XF selections setting up 8 different zones. With so many options to choose from, Yamaha wisely includes a simple search feature on the large LCD screen so you can spend less time going through menus and more time experimenting, and trust us, the experimentation may never end. In fact well leave you with these videos to further explore the incredible capabilities of this amazing instrument.

FM Engine Demo

Live Sets:

Gallery Performance