The FP9 is a powerful new bass drum pedal, which features a hard-felt beater with a spring-loaded plunger. The spring-loaded plunger allows you to add a special weight to the beater, instantaneously attaining more drive and attack. The FP9 comes with two of these special weights: a heavier 9-gram brass weight and a lighter 3-gram aluminum weight, which slip on with ease.

But that’s not all Yamaha added to make this new pedal incredible. The heel of this pedal features high-end bearings, to give it a smooth, friction-less flow. They also placed spikes in the back of the pedal, instead of the front, to keep you anchored to the floor and prevent the pedal from moving on you.

If you’re a drummer that likes your pedal a certain way, not to worry — the FP9 gives you about as much convenient customization as you can handle. The footboard height and beater angle are separately adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit. There’s also a spring tension adjustment on the right side, which is easily accessible from your drum throne. It has an easy to twist screw and click-stops, to achieve the most desirable tension.

The FP9 comes in two versions: double chain drive and direct drive.

Check out this highly informative video to learn more about all the innovations in this new bass drum pedal line.