Yamaha DTX402 Series Drum Kits: Everything You Need To Know

The Yamaha DTX402 Series electronic drum kits offer high-quality expressive sounds that you can customize; a durable, dependable drum kit that’s built to last and played for comfort, and free apps to build up your drum skills. It’s a perfect choice for any age or skill level to adjust the kit to their comfort level and offers multiple teaching tools and sounds to motivate beginners and professionals alike to get their drumming chops better than they ever imagined!

High-quality expressive sounds you can customize

Arguably the most important aspect of any electronic drum kit is if it sounds good. With 10 different kits to choose from designed by Yamaha’s top sound engineers, you can guarantee these will sound great coming out of any speaker. 10 kits may not sound like a lot, but they sound fantastic on default, you can alter multiple parameters in each kit to make it truly your own. A few of the customizable features are: type of cymbal/drum, pan, volume, tuning, muting, sustain, cymbal size, reverb, and more! There are even built-in songs on the 402 module so you can play along to fun grooves, along with an auxiliary port if you want to play along to your favorite songs on an external device.

A durable, dependable drum kit

The DTX402k is Yamaha’s quietest drum kit thanks to the beaterless kick pedal, so no beater ends up hitting a pad, making your bass drum skills silent and simple to play. With the DTX452k, however, you’ll get a kick tower and bass drum pedal. Besides those two distinctions, each drum kit has natural feeling pads, chokeable cymbals, solid steel racks with vertical posts that can be adjust to any person’s comfort. regardless of which kit you choose from this series.

Free apps to build up your drum skills

The Yamaha DTX402 Series also offers tons of training exercises you can unlock with the help of a smart device that include the following:

  • Rhythm Gate
    • Help develop timing skills by playing along to a metronome
    • Help read and understand drum notation by playing simple beats and reading, eventually building the skills to understand more complex notation
  • Measure break
    • You’ll play along to music but some measures will have quiet pauses which will help train you to keep time during said pauses
  • Change Up
    • Learn how subdivisions work by playing in different time signatures such as 3/4 or 7/8
  • Fast Blast
    • Help build your stamina by playing  many even strokes within a time limit
  • Recorder
    • Help assess your own playing by hearing back what you’ve just played
  • Challenge Mode
    • Learn different styles from different video instructors. If you complete all of them, Yamaha will send you a certificate!
  • Rec ‘n’ Share
    • Combine the audio from the 402 module and smart device camera for video to merge and make videos
    • Import songs from iTunes or Dropbox to play along with
    • Export your videos anywhere, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter right from your phone!

Click here for the Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit



Click here for the Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum Kit

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