For those who grew up in the 90s trying to get into rap and hip-hop, you might remember the E-mu SP-1200. For those that don’t remember, it was the first true drum machine that was truly all-encompassing allowing producers to make a track, all on one machine without relying on studio time. Additionally, it was portable enough to take to gigs and studios if need be.

One legendary artist at the time, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, saw one in our Manhattan store back when it was on 48th St. Unable to afford it at the time and knowing he needed one, he attempted to steal the SP-1200 (keyword: “attempted”).

To recreate the story for TV, RZA and the production team behind “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” reached out to us to film in our store. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity! To make it feel like it was right out of the 90s, their team set the clock back on our store by changing every aspect, including period-correct signage, products, and displays. If you visit our store, chances are you’ll see some leftover graphics on display in our Technology department.

The filming process was fantastic and everybody on the team was incredibly gracious and a pleasure to work with. Even RZA and DJ Mathematics stopped by to see the shoot!

Fun Easter Egg: If you watch the first episode, you can catch Ben Ash, 4th Generation of the Ash Family, trying to sell a microphone to a customer in the background of the scene where RZA attempts to steal the SP-1200!

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