The Liberty Science Center latest traveling exhibition, Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked the World, will feature  a 2,255-pound, 16-foot wide, 43-foot long Gibson that was deemed the largest guitar in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The rare instrument exhibit includes over 60 remarkable instruments such as:

  • Early Fender, Gibson, Ovation, and Martin guitars (from circa 1835 to present)
  • A Ztar Z7S synthesizer guitar with a button for every fret and string – 204 in all
  • The Rock Ock, the only playable guitar with 8 necks
  • A stunning PRS Dragon guitar inlayed with 238 pieces of gold, red and green abalone; mother of pearl; and woolly mammoth ivory
  • Guitars with outrageous paint jobs and shapes designed for rockers like Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist Randy Rhoads

The Liberty Science Center is located at 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07305

The show, which runs through January 4th, 2015, will feature live performances. You can see the schedule here.