The world is full of cheap counterfeit guitars —  poorly crafted impostors posing as high-quality instruments just to score a quick buck. But these fretted frauds are no match for the inimitable Mike Rock, Sam Ash Music’s Senior Buyer of Used and Vintage Gear, a man who lives up to his name in both tone and stature.

Recently, Mike was asked to appear as an expert witness on an episode of  The People’s Court. The plaintiff had purchased what he thought was a used Gibson Les Paul at a pawn shop. It turns out the guitar was a poor forgery of an LP, and Mike Rock could smell its foul stench oozing from inside its hardshell case.

So, how did Judge Marilyn Milian rule in this case? You can watch the full episode above to find out. Or you can click here to watch Mike Rock’s Testimony.

And do yourself a favor: Buy your genuine Gibson guitar (or any other brand) from an authorized dealer and you’ll never have to worry about its authenticity.

Want to know how to spot a fake Les Paul? Check out this Sam Ash Music instructional video featuring Mike Rock:

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