Walrus Audio Ages Five-State Overdrive – Overview

Walrus Audio has come to the rescue for all those indecisive pedal purchasers looking for a fantastic overdrive that does it all! One pedal, infinite tonal possibilities!

With all of the overdrive pedals that exist in the world, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which one suits your rig. Just your combination of guitar, pickups, strings, and amplifier already gives you a unique sound so finding a pedal that fits into your rig seamlessly can sometimes be a daunting task. Thanks to our friends at Walrus Audio, they’ve developed the new AGES five-state overdrive! The title harkens to the fact we’ve had overdrive pedals for what seems like “ages”. The goal of this pedal is between the 5 different modes and the infinite combinations of settings, you should be able to find your perfect overdrive tone, regardless of the gear you’re working with in your guitar-senal.

MODE I: The first mode is a low gain mode with symmetric silicon soft clipping, giving you a compressed and smooth tone great for giving your tone a little “push” and have a slightly overdriven amp tone you’d get by maxing out a vintage amp

MODE II: The second mode is a low gain mode with symmetric LED soft clipping, giving you a pushed, open, and sparkly tone. This is great if you want to stand out in a mix but not be terribly overdriven.

MODE III: The third mode is a high gain mode with symmetric silicon soft clipping, giving you increased saturation and tight sound, great for power chords and rhythm that has power

MODE IV: The fourth mode is a high gain mode with symmetric LED soft clipping, giving you a saturated, punchy, big tone great for rhythm or lead playing.

MODE V: The fifth mode is a high gain mode with symmetric silicon hard clipping, giving you heavy compression, thick, and chewy tones great for that fuzzier overdrive made popular by grunge, shoegaze and other heavier bands of the 90s.


You can buy this and more Walrus Audio products at SamAsh.com

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