Accessories are funny things for guitar players. They are not the crux of our hobby/career/obsession, like the actual instrument — however they collectively play an integral part in allowing us to do our thing in the best way possible. Some of us may collect accessories over time; others may knock them all out with one swift purchase, assuring there’s nothing left to be desired.

Whatever your preferred method of acquiring accessories, Tourtek has everything you need to keep yourself in a position to play your best. From soup to nuts, there is a Tourtek accessory to cover everything guitarists could want. Picking up even just a few of the preferred items in this guide will make your musical lifestyle way better.

The Support Group


Let’s start with what is perhaps the simplest and most essential accessory—the tuner. You’re not getting anywhere as a guitarist unless your axe is in tune. Obvious? Yes. Important? Incredibly. Tourtek offers a classic clip-on tuner, the Tourtek CT5 Headstock Clip-On Tuner. It easily affixes to the headstock of any guitar, can rotate 360 degrees for versatile usability, and even has an auto-off feature, so you don’t kill the battery with your forgetfulness.


Another basic, yet essential, guitar accessory is the stand. In your home base, it’s a lot easier to keep the guitar on a stand, rather than putting it in and taking it out of a case every time you play. The Tourtek GSF-12 Universal Foldable Guitar Stand is perfect for this. The GSF-12 has sturdy A-frame construction and is built with rubber treated arms to prevent any damage to the finish when placing it down. With the GSF-12 you can put down your axe for a little while and come back to it, with a lot less effort. It also has a unique folding design which enables it to fold down small enough to fit in your gig bag. Because of this special folding design, you can easily bring it with you to the stage and have a place for your guitar when you’re on a break.


Similar in purpose, but functionally a little different, is the Tourtek wall hanger. Hangers allow you to store more guitars since they make use of the wall/air space, which adds to the available floor space of any room. If a hanger is more appropriate for your home or studio, check out the GW10 Self-Adapting Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger. Super convenient and super safe, it easily screws into your wall and self-locks when you place your instrument down into it. Its self-adapting function conforms to any neck and headstock shape — and the high elastic silica gel covered metal bars keep your finish in perfect condition.


In the course of learning the guitar, you’ll likely get to a point where you want to use a capo. If you don’t already know, the capo is a tool that clamps the strings of your guitar against the fretboard and thus makes the open string notes higher. This can be helpful for playing songs in different keys, without doing any transposing. Tourtek offers a straight-forward, affordable capo, in the form of the Tourtek C3 Universal Metal Capo, made with high-quality zinc alloy. There’s also the Tourtek C1 Universal Revolver Shaped Metal Capo which has a cool and convenient pick holder.

Accessory Kits

Want all of the above, with no hassle? Tourtek has you covered with their Tourtek GA3 and Tourtek GA5 guitar accessory kits. The GA3 includes the GW10 Wall Mounted Guitar Hook, the C3 Universal Metal Capo, and the CT-5 Clip-On Tuner.

The GA5 is better for those who aren’t ready willing or able to put a screw into the wall. This package replaces the GW10 Wall mount, with the GSF-12 Universal Foldable Guitar Stand. It still comes with the CT-5 Clip-On Tuner and C3 Universal Metal Capo, like it’s GA3 counterpart.

The Power Line

Portable Amplifiers

Moving on to a different class of accessory, we can’t overlook the portable amplifier. You likely have your go to amp sitting at home ready to rock. You probably also bring it to gigs and practice. But some situations don’t call for a larger amp or it’s just too much of a pain to tow around. That’s where the portable amp comes in. If you don’t want to limit yourself by limiting where and when you can practice you’ll definitely want to check out the Tourtek TG10 Portable Guitar Amp (they also have a bass amp option – Tourtek TB10).


In the cable department, Tourtek has a few options for you. If you like the straight to right angle cables, and they work with you setup, there’s the Tourtek Pro TPI Instrument Cable Straight to Right Angle. There’s also the Tourtek Pro TPIW Woven Fabric Instrument Cable, which features two straight ends and woven fabric construction, for less tangles. If you’re in the process of setting up a pedalboard, Tourtek offers the TPWAP Woven Fabric Patch Cable. All these cables are available in various lengths to suit your needs.

Wireless Systems

You know, it is the digital era…and there is an alternative to cables — it’s called wireless. You may have some questions about wireless systems, like whether they convey the true sound of the guitar without you feeling the latency. Fair enough, but the tech that we’re talking about nowadays has rendered those concerns moot. Check out Tourtek’s XDG Guitar Wireless System (D Band) system and allow yourself to be impressed.


If you’re looking to add a palette of cool effects to your playing, it’s probably time you build a pedalboard. What pedals you have on it is up to your personal taste, but it all starts with a solid foundation. You’ll definitely want to take into account how many pedals you are looking to include, power source, and portability, as you plan your build. But regardless of what you choose, Tourtek can assist. Tourtek’s PB1905 and PB1911 make the process of building a pedalboard a little easier, since both feature a rechargeable on-board power supply and carry case. The main difference between the two is that the PB1911 gives you additional real estate, for a few more pedals.

Tourtek also makes the PB1, which is constructed of strong, treated aluminum alloy, and can accommodate up to 8 pedals. The PB1 does not include an on-board power supply, but allows you to use an iso brick or any other methods of powering pedals you see fit. It comes complete with a deluxe carry handle and detachable shoulder strap, as well as enough fixture blocks, nuts, and cap screws to mount all your pedals on the board.

Just In Case


Last, but not least, you need a home for your guitar. Sure a stand or hanger works for much of the time, but that’s just where it hangs out. Your guitar will need protection and ease of transportation sooner rather than later. Tourtek offers a variety of options, one of which will fit any guitar you will ever own. They have two major lines for you to choose from: the 500 and the 600.

The 600 Series is a vintage-styled line of cases, constructed with wood and draped in crocodile tolex covering. The ultra-durable plywood build features ample storage inside a thick, plush foam interior. These cases also have ergonomically designed handles for gripping comfort, as well as triple chrome plated lockable latches for the utmost instrument security. The 600 Series comes in a few different models, made for a dreadnought acoustic, a bass, a Les Paul style guitar. There’s also a rectangular case, suitable for many electric guitars.

The 500 Series has a different style. It’s constructed with a sleek black, roadworthy hardshell mold, made from ultra-durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic. The 500 models are made for a classical acoustic, Les Paul style guitar. The 500 Series also features multi-model electric guitar and bass rectangular cases.

Gig Bag

Perhaps you need less protection and more mobility for your instrument’s encasement? Then one of Tourtek’s gig bags is sure to work for you. They offer options for an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, and a bass, all with padded lining, a handle and back pack straps, plus two ample sized front pockets for storage.

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