So you’re looking to expand the variety of sounds that are coming from your amplifier, but you just don’t know what particular effect you’re looking for? You do some research on pedals and stomp boxes and are confronted with fancy names, referencing everything from vegetables to medieval weapons.

Okay, so maybe you should just go with the time tested method of emulating your heroes. However, when you look at your idol not only does he have his own signature distortion pedal but his board feels like it must stretch on for miles. His touring rig is filled with all types of hand wired compressors and limited edition fuzz stomp boxes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at this point, you may be the perfect candidate for a Multi Effects Pedal.

With a Multi Effects Pedal by your side you are free to learn about your own style. In fact, as you embark on the relentless pursuit of tone like countless guitar players before you, the Multi Effects Pedal is your tone dictionary and encyclopedia. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the top multi effects pedal recommendations from our Sam Ash Staff.


Hotone Ravo MP-10

From the studio to the stage, the RAVO MP-10 from Hotone packs everything you need into a compact, lightweight multi-effect pedal. The RAVO is a multi-effects processor and high-quality USB audio interface that comes loaded up with 130 onboard effects in 8 useful modules, 100 incredible presets, and an integrated drum machine with 100 patterns. An onboard 30 second looper solidifies Ravo as a full featured workhorse.



Line 6 M5

The M5 Stompbox Modeler delivers 100+ gain-defying distortions, lush choruses, scintillating reverbs and other expressive effects in a single-pedal-size stomp box. While the M5 may only run one effect at a time, there are no menus, savings or hassles to deal with. The M5 boasts rugged Stompbox style construction and fits right into your gig bag for the next show.



Digitech RP360

The RP360 guitar multi-effect processor has over 160 different effects (54 amps, 26 cabinets, 82 effects) inspired by world’s best-selling pedals and iconic amps. Along with the incredible selection of effects, the RP360 has a 40-second looper, nearly 200 presets, USB port, configurable footswitch modes, built-in tuner; dedicated headphone jack, and 60 built in drum tracks. Compatible with Digitech Nexus preset editor; you can create, transfer, and share an unlimited number of tones with the RP360. Furthermore, Digitech’s innovative Sound Check mode lets you set the pedal to repeat a riff while you make adjustments.



Boss ME25

The new ME-25 is packed with powerful BOSS features to make you sound like a pro, yet it’s as fun and easy to use as a stompbox.One of the great features of the ME25 is the ability to navigate by category so you can quickly dial in effects tailored to your preferred genre. You also get powerful COSM amp models along with the “Super Stack” function to add heavy low end emphasis at the push of the button. The unit also can function as an audio interface so it appropriately includes Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 to get you started with computer recording.



Hotone XTOMP

The most advanced multi effects pedal we have seen to date, the XTOMP is a multi-effects pedal that lets you load in new effects onto from your smartphone to the pedal via Bluetooth. The core of XTOMP is the Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling which rethinks modeling by allowing more complex algorithms within the same space of data. The ultra thin zinc alloy casing and halo LED’s make it stage ready and rugged for the road.