Theo Wanne Jason Dumars Mantra Tenor Saxophone

Unique in several ways; this horn delivers a timbre and a playing experience beyond comparison. Its body and keys are made of unlacquered brass, while the neck and bell are constructed from solid .925 silver. It features 24 Karat Gold springs for lasting durability, and custom-made Kangaroo skin pads by MusicMedic equipped with resonators specifically sized for the MANTRA Tenor, which ensure the finest seal. The under-slung octave key is attached to the base of the neck to allow maximum vibration. The most visible feature of this two-tone horn is the beautiful engraving throughout. This tenor is a showcase of the talents of renowned engraver Jason Dumars. The engraving begins at the top with the neck, extends through the body, and wraps around the bell accentuating a treble clef symbol.