We all want our guitars to be the best they can be.  From bridge changes to pickup swapping we are always looking for that next little bump on the tone-meter.  These items below are some of my favorite go to the accessories that you might not have thought of, but trust me, once you have them you will never stop using them!


MusicNomad MN224 Premium Spanner Wrench

How many times have you had your jack or toggle switch come loose only to screw it back with your fingers and find out a few jam sessions later it is rocking back and forth again? You don’t want to risk damaging the threads by clamping down with pliers so you will need something far more subdued to really do the job.  The Music Nomad MN224 Premium Spanner Wrench is ideal for toggle switch, bridge adjustment and jack tightening.  What really makes it useful is its teeth which grip the nut perfectly allowing you to move the nut effortlessly while ensuring you never damage your instrument.  I have found this tool to be a life saver and an indispensable piece of my setup tool bag!


Big Bends Original Nut and Saddle Sauce  

Let’s face it, if we have a tremolo unit on our guitar, you want to use it.  From subtle movements with a Bigsby to deep dives on a Floyd Rose trems are just plain fun! Unfortunately, our guitar strings do not always feel the same way and copious amounts of tremolo action typically result in your strings either snapping at the nut or bridge from friction.  Big Bends has come to save the day with a secret sauce that you will never stop using.   Apply a little to the string slots on your nut and experience truly noticeable tuning stability.  The Big Bends Nut Sauce provides a stable frictionless response so your strings are no longer pulling back and forth on the nut.  No longer will your 2 step bends come back out of tune!  To further enhance your guitar’s tuning abilities I also suggest adding a bit to your trem saddles to reduce friction and further increase your tuning stability.


Finger Ease Guitar String Lubricant

Before you read this know you are in a safe place, we have all been there….

How many times have you been a bad instrument owner and absolutely neglected changing your strings? You can clearly feel your hands dragging (or scraping) along the fingerboard and it feels like you may have to go to the doctor for a tetanus shot.  Well, you know that feeling after you change your strings and you realize really how terrible your strings were? Well, this simple spray makes your old and ragged strings feel like they did in their glory days.

Simply spray over your grimy fingerboard, wipe it down, then BAM! (sorry Emeril!) smooth, silky and dare I say, buttery feeling guitar strings appear.


GHS Fast Fret

Another alternative medicine for ensuring your strings feel brand new every show is the GHS Fast Fret.  A perfect gig bag accompaniment,this little gem once applied reduces unwanted string noise, keeps your strings clean and unlike when you were little and could swear new shoes made you run faster, actually makes you play play faster too! Even on strings that are starting to loose their life and are getting that worn in feel a little streak of Fast Fret and your strings will be playing like new in seconds! I have gotten plenty of extra miles out of strings by simply applying a little before each show and think you will too!


Planet Waves Pro Winder Tuner 

Another fact about guitar players is we straight up hate changing strings.  I wish I could say I personally find peace in changing my strings, I would be lying.  Speed up the process with the Planet Waves Pro Winder Tuner.  With its comfortable grip, and peg shaped head allow you to bring your strings to proper tension in seconds instead of using your fingers the old fashioned way.  The bonus points for this winder is that it comes with a built in clipper to cut your strings after you bring them to pitch!


Hercules GS414B Plus Stand

Not all stands are created equally. While stands are something that goes unnoticed and are certainly not the most glamourous having a great stand is beyond important.  A flimsy stand when hit loosely will fall breaking your precious cargo.  Stands with inferior foam around the edges could destroy your finish.  The Hercules does none of this and provides fantastic support thanks to its locking leg design, locking pressure-based head support to keep your headstock from falling out and man, these stands are rock solid! Perfect for the stage or studio!


The Rockslide 

This is a PSA to all slide players: you need this.

Using a slide is one of my favorite things to do. I prefer glass over steel for most applications, but have found that sometimes you want something a little more ergonomic than a bottle.  The Rockslide is just that.  Crafted from brass, steel or glass these slides are designed to help reduce noise, give you better contact and more control over the slide.  I picked up my first one up years ago and have never looked back! These slides are also tapered on one end to ensure they fit comfortably on your finger and make proper contact between your strings and the slide.


These are just a few of my favorite pieces of gear that are beyond useful and often go under the radar.  From sessions to gigs these tools have made my life infinitely easier and I know you’ll just love them! Be sure to share your favorite accessories with us and for any questions or if you need any help feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] or @ZacDelVecchio on Instagram.