It’s not often we can say “and now here’s something completely different” – and actually mean it! The new LinnStrument from Roger Linn Design is a completely new way to perform music. Yes, its a MIDI controller, but unlike standard keyboard based controllers, the LinnStrument puts all the controls literally at your fingertips. Utilizing a 3D approach, the LinnStrument captures your fingers subtle movements for simultaneous control of note expression, pitch and timbre, similar to an acoustic stringed instrument. Here’s what Keyboard Magazine had to say:

“After spending three weeks with one, I found that it’s not only an extremely flexible, powerful, and programmable MIDI controller, but also quite easy to learn and play. It’s also fun and addictive. Even though its notes are not laid out like a piano, it’s the most keyboardist-friendly non-keyboard I’ve ever played.”


Working off the concept that most MIDI controllers are nothing but a bunch of switches, knobs and sliders that are basically on off switches, the LinnInstrument combines the expressiveness of an acoustic instrument while accessing electronic sound sources. Speaking of sources, the LinnInstrument will work with any MIDI synth and plays well with most DAWs. It may be the best controller ever for acoustic wind instrument samples – check out this video:

Besides being a totally new performance controller, the LinnInstrument may be the ultimate controller, giving you instant access to 200 drums, samples, clip, loops or sequences and allowing users to simultaneously control the volume, pitch, filters – or any parameter of your choosing – simply by moving your finger. Plus, realizing that users will start to develop new ways to use the LinnInstrument on their own, Roger Linn has released the entire software as open source – letting users customize anything they wish.

Visit their website to see some more videos on this incredible new instrument. We can’t wait to get our hands – more to the point, our fingers – on one!