You’ve spent some serious money on quality gear in your home studio: D.A.W. software, an audio interface, microphones, mic preamps, effects processors, gold-plated cables to connect everything…And of course the most integral component of all — a nice pair of studio monitor speakers to help you achieve the best mix possible in your recordings. But in order to truly hear what your recordings sound like, you’ll need to hear the true sound of your studio monitors.


This is where a set of Auralex MoPads comes into play. Resting underneath your monitors, MoPads decouple them from the environment and provide true sonic isolation between your monitors and whatever they are sitting on. This allows the full sound of your monitor cabinets to resonate, just as the manufacturer intended. The end result is a cleaner, more accurate mix. To top it off, included with your MoPads are wedge adjusters which allow for a configuration of 5 different positioning options, providing optimal placement by allowing you to adjust your monitors at listening angles of -8 degrees, -4 degrees, 0 degrees, +4 degrees, and +8 degrees. Give the MoPads a shot — I guarantee you’ll hear the difference!

If you have any questions about studio monitors – or any pro audio gear – feel free to give me a call or drop me an email – Tyson

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Tyson Peppers
Tyson Peppers is a Sam Ash Direct sales associate with over 10 years experience selling guitars and pro audio gear for Sam Ash Music. A self-proclaimed EDM guy, Tyson is the guy to talk to when you need to trick out your home recording studio, purchase a MIDI controller or synth, or delve into the worlds of Trance, Rap, EDM or Hip-hop. Call or email Tyson to get the guaranteed lowest price on the best selection of music and sound gear anywhere – fast, free shipping too!