Taylor V-Class Bracing: Everything You Need To Know

Andy Powers has challenged the way guitar bracing is done with the new V-Class. Unlike a traditional X-Bracing pattern the spans a large portion under the top of the guitar, the V-Class bracing has two piece meet towards where the strap button is under the top and split towards the sides going to the neck. This allows for more sustain and volume than traditional brace patterns due to the top being able to vibrate more fluidly rather than having 4 quadrants of the guitar vibrant independently.

The result of this innovative design means notes are fuller, rounder and more powerful throughout the fretboard. Additionally, you don’t have to press as hard on the higher frets allowing for a more consistent playing style throughout the neck resulting in consistent tone.

Open chords on the guitar are better than ever! On guitars with traditional bracing, playing an open chord might be in tune with one chord but be slightly out of tune with another. Thanks to the V-Class bracing, intonation is improved allowing all chords to be in tune in first position! When it comes to chords throughout the rest of the neck, notes within the chord won’t decay quicker than others and won’t result in warbling, beating, or buzzing so you can play past the 12th fret with clarity and sustain.


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Ben Ash
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