Taylor T5z Series Hollow Body Electric Guitar Overview

The Taylor T5z Series guitars consist of some of the most versatile, sonically flexible hollow body electric guitars on the market. Giving you the best of both electric and acoustic worlds, the T5z series instruments feature a fully hollow body to give you that rich, resonant tone that hollow body guitars are known for while the more compact body design (in comparison to the T5 Series) offers superb player comfort and will feel right at home for electric guitar players. With all the playability of an electric guitar, the T5z Series guitars feature cozy 24-7/8”-scale necks and 12”-radius ebony fingerboards with jumbo frets.

Setting these instruments apart from any other hollow body available today, the T5z Series guitars come equipped with a unique 3-pickup configuration that allows you to dial in anything from lush acoustic tones all the way to hard-rocking electric tones. Offering impressive tonal flexibility, the electronics consist of an acoustic body sensor, a concealed neck humbucker, a visible humbucker in the bridge position, a 5-way pickup selector switch and onboard tone controls. Plug into your favorite electric guitar amp and the T5z is capable of taking you anywhere from super clean, smooth jazz sound to a nice crunch with the bridge and neck pickups. Finding the perfect plugged-in acoustic voice through your acoustic amp or PA system is no problem thanks to the acoustic body sensor used on the T5z instruments. Thanks to the dual compatibility output, you can plug the T5z instruments into an acoustic or electric guitar amp to expand your sonic palette even further. From the studio to the stage, the Taylor T5z instruments will satisfy all of your sonic needs.