Tascam Model 24 Hybrid Mixing Console

Whether you need a mixer for recording, rehearsals, live sound gigs, or studio sessions, the Tascam Model 24 Mixer has you covered. This three-in-one mixer, audio interface, and multi-track recorder provides the ultimate in sound quality without compromising portability and ease of use. At the center of this mixer is the legendary Tascam Digital Portastudio recording engine which enables you to record and playback high-quality sound.

Simple, Yet Intuitive Interface

Its straightforward design makes the Tascam Model 24 perfect for recording engineers and live sound performances. The 100mm faders, 3-band EQs, compression, flexible routing, and dual monitor sends complete the experience by giving you full hands on control of your sound.

24 Channel Multi-Track Recording

Directly record up to 24 channels through an SD card with 24bit/48kHz resolution with the ability to punch in/out up to eight tracks at a time. The Tascam Model 24 is designed to work with you when you need to work whether it be for live sessions or studio recordings. Work without limitations using the Model 24.

USB 2.0 Interface

Rather than just being used as a standard mixer the Model 24 can be connected to your Digital Audio Workstation as a USB Audio Interface. Its 24-inputs/22-outputs are complete with a quality preamp and onboard compressions to create the ultimate recording in any environment.


Ultra-easy to use analog/digital hybrid mixer

Built-in 24 track recorder

22 channels for live use

Super simple “one-knob” compressor on select channels

Built-in effects and 7 band graphic EQ

USB 2.0 interface for use with external computer/DAW

Quickly and easily patch back and forth between “live” source and recorded source

Can be used a playback machine during a live performance for backing tracks