Tascam DRX Series Recorders: Quicklook

Tascam DRX Recorders are an excellent solution to all your recording needs. Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, videographer, or just need to record somethings sometimes, the DRX series is perfect for you. Boasting the finest digital technology, all of the recorders in the series give you incredible versatility and quality audio. Each of the three units features 24-bit 96k recording and extended battery life over previous versions.

For singer/songwriters, there’s an incredibly helpful feature—Auto Record mode. That’s right, it starts recording when you start playing. After you finish your initial recording, then you can enable Overdub mode to record additional parts onto your track. Finally, there’s Overwrite mode, so you can punch in to a specific place, that maybe needs another take, and nail the recording. In three easy steps you now have a complete track.

Each of the units in the DRX Series has slightly different capabilities. The very affordable DR-05X has two channel recording with fixed Omni condenser mics. A step up is the DR-07X, which also sports two channels, but has the option for A/B or X/Y microphones.

Then there’s the DR-40X, a four channel recorder with A/B or X/Y microphones, as well as two combo jacks on the bottom. This unit has dual record mode, which gives you two additional tracks as backup, in case you get extra peaks and need alternate versions.

You can check out all of these excellent DRX models via the links below!