Spire Studio – Everything You Need To Know

iZotope’s Spire Studio is the wireless recording solution that’s revolutionizing the songwriting workflow. Paired with the free Spire app for iOS and Android, Spire Studio’s simple and intuitive design enables you to record, edit, mix and share pro-quality recordings in minutes. For people who want the simplicity of voice memos but the quality to produce music you could release, Spire Studio will have you effortlessly capturing your ideas whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Songwriters, performers, hobbyists, and producers can all benefit from Spire Studio’s user-friendly experience to help maximize their time making music instead of setting up equipment or wishing they had studio time booked. With a built-in mic, two XLR/instrument inputs, a Soundcheck button to auto-set your levels, and 4+ hours of rechargeable battery life, Spire Studio is the portable recording system that goes anywhere.

Pair with the Spire app on iOS and Android devices, plug in a pair of headphones, and you are ready to record. The app’s built-in effects, amp models, and visual mixer allow you to shape your song easily on the app. Share your songs straight to social media, Soundcloud, or export your tracks and projects from the app, making collaborating smooth and easy. Spire Studio and the Spire app are powered by iZotope, the industry leader in assistive audio technology.


  • Record up to 8 tracks, 2 simultaneously
  • Spire Studio’s own Wi-Fi network pairs with the Spire app on your iOS and Android
  • Includes a universal power supply and can run wirelessly for 4+ hours on the internal rechargeable battery
  • On-board omnidirectional condenser microphone captures 360 degree sound with a warm, natural tone
  • 2 XLR and ¼” instrument inputs with industry-leading Grace Design preamps and phantom power for your favorite mics and instruments
  • Tap the “Soundcheck” button to automatically set your levels in seconds, ensuring you get a clear sound and avoid clipping
  • Spire app is free on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Edit your tracks, add effects, mix, and share your music and ideas all within a streamlined, easy-to-navigate visual experience
  • Export individual tracks or full Spire projects as well as send finished .M4A or .WAV files through text, email, AirDrop, and more from the Share menu
  • Send tracks and projects to other Spire users to make collaborating wirelessly easy
  • Spire app’s built-in effects are ever-growing and regularly updated: guitar and bass amps models, pedal-style effects, and “spaces,” which change the dynamics and sound of the room you’re recording in
  • Spire Studio and Spire app are brought to you by iZotope, the industry leader in assistive audio technology. Processes that would take hours or days now take minutes or seconds with iZotope software. With industry standard platforms like Ozone, Neutron, RX, and Nectar, iZotope brings intuitive-and-powerful tech to the hardware and software

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Ben Ash
Ben Ash is a member of the Sam Ash Music family, both literally and figuratively. He has worked on the sales floor in both the Huntington and Forest Hills location. As Social Media Coordinator, he was integral with bringing the social media of the company to new heights and relevancy. He was also a Manager of the Northeast region. Currently, he is the Content Marketing Manager for Sam Ash Music. He received a Bachelors Degree in Music Business at Berklee College Of Music in 2012. He’s a proficient guitar player and can also play bass and ukulele. Although he grew up as a fan of classic rock and alternative, he’s now opened his mind to being a fan of many genres of music. He regularly posts his music covers on his YouTube channel and has played multiple venues in Long Island, NYC, Philadelphia and Boston.