Spread your performance wings and be free from the restraints of a wired setup. Any Shure Wireless system will mesh the best of both worlds, supplying a user-friendly wireless rig with guaranteed professional audio quality. Musicians, performers and presenters alike can reap the benefits of these easy-to-use systems, complimented by their intuitive interfaces and wide variety of transmitter form functions. Users can choose between single or dual channel options, going handheld or with headset-based microphones depending on preference. Shredding guitar as well as belting beautiful vocals? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Which system works best for you? Scroll down to have all of your wireless-wonders addressed.

BLX Wireless Systems

The BLX288/PG58 system, for starters, puts an emphasis on having a wireless dual vocal system for optimal performance qualities. Built with precision and versatility in mind, this system features 2 PG58 handheld transmitters, a BLX88 dual-channel receiver, 2 microphone clips, power supply, 4 AA batteries and a user guide. Taking the stage with another singer or maximizing the fun for your office party’s karaoke station? This unit is ideal to accommodate to multiple performers at one time, without skipping a beat in terms of quality or transmission – travel up to 300 ft. without losing signal! Feel free to check out options with varying wireless channels/frequencies:


Similar to the mentioned-above system, the BLX288/SM58 provides that same dual-threat element for singers and anyone looking to take the floor. This system, however, features two legendary SM58 microphones for unparalleled warmth and clarity in vocal reproduction. These are industry-grade mics, so rest assured that you’ll sound like the pros without any special tricks or audio illusions. Below are a few options to explore, with wireless channels/frequencies discrepancies:


GLX-D Wireless Systems

Defined by a 20 Hz- 20 kHz response, 120 dB dynamic range and Automatic Frequency Management, the GLX-D Wireless System packs a huge audio punch while maintaining a degree of simplicity. As soon as this unit is turned on, it searches for the best frequency signal and sets it to the transmitter. No buttons necessary; it’s that easy. 4 compatible channels in most live environments give you options for musical freedom, and can be used for up to 16 hours of continuous use. For singers, this clarity and attention to detail is an absolute treasure. Digital sound elevates your performances to rock-god levels, without the constraints of a wire.

Remember when McDonald’s used to Super-Size orders? The GLX-D Advanced takes on a similar approach, without the excess sodium and absurd caloric content. With up to 9 useable channels in live settings and a continual automated frequency scan, you’ll have the ability of utilizing a myriad of mics with the same quality across the board. This is a perfect system for club atmospheres, houses of worship, live music venues and anywhere requiring a parade of microphones being deployed for audio action. With 2.4 GHz band designed for clearer connections, you won’t believe how easy it is to keep your channels and sound in order. Power swaps won’t be a cause of concern, either; one lithium ion battery fuels up to 16 hours of rockin’ charge.

The GLX-D also flirts with other instruments & setups. Check out a few variants here:

GLX-D16 (wireless guitar & bass system with digital pedal receiver; perfect for shredding across the stage and into the crowd)
GLX-D14/SM35 (head-worn wireless system; perfect for preachers with animated hands and boy bands dancing in unison)

SLX Wireless System

Holding true to the simplicity and power demonstrated by a long line of Shure products, the SLX wireless system employs similar functionality in a live context. Equipped with an SLX1 bodypack transmitter placed seamlessly on your person, you can travel for up to 300 ft. while singing or talking into the SLX24/BETA58 based microphone.

Other mic options:


The SLX14 grants the same wireless feel, but with a Lavalier microphone instead. Options for these mics include:


Users have the option of using the SLX4L or SLX4 as receivers, which take on a more traditional channel-selection look for frequency connectivity. Whether it’s instrument cable connectivity or belting those killer high tones into one of many microphone options, this system is determined to have you commanding the stage like a professional.

QLX-D Wireless Systems

Nothing screams accessible in the digital age quite like… well, digital! The QLX-D prides itself on 24-bit digital audio and an unfathomably wide frequency response. This combination all but ensures elite-quality sound with pinpoint accuracy. Best of all, this unit lets you streamline setup across multiple receivers, and Wireless Workbench software gives users real-time access/monitoring/controls during your performance. This can be operated from an iOS device for enhanced productivity and efficiency, as well. Download the ShurePlus Channels App to control your workflow without the typical strains and headaches during a live performance.

Being able to go handheld with any QLX-D model is a delight, offering the flexibility of freedom during performances and live events. The QLX-D124/85, for example, features an SM58 handheld wireless microphone transmitter and WL185 lavalier microphone, which is an absolute blast of audio perfection. If you’re, for example, a passionate preacher spreading the good word, this gives you flexibility to move around a church or synagogue without stressing over wire constraints. Even in a big open atmosphere that many houses of worship are constructed with, clarity and clear frequency scanning is all but assured.

Other combo systems through this line, like the QLXD-14, can be utilized for instrument connectivity. The bodypack transmitter may be wireless, but won’t feature that same handheld abilities as the SM68 microphone you’d be getting with the QLX-D124/85 or QLX-D24/SM58 models. The microphone for this system, conversely, is more geared towards clip-on users. As a preacher, those hands may be flying around every which way. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of deciding on which is better suited to your body language, environment, performance setting and personal preference.

ULX-D Wireless Systems

Despite what some may say, size does matter. Well, it certainly matters in an audio context. Get your mind out of the gutter…

Bigger venues with bigger potential sound issues require rigs that can take up any challenge in that space. Large conventions, epic conferences and mega-music performances all fit this description, so how does one approach that? The ULX-D, perhaps the most robust system in this buyer’s guide, tackles any and all issues that come with bringing an event to life on the grandest of stages. Diverse sound sources, protecting RF from smartphone interference, multiple systems running simultaneously – this juggernaut has your back.

Users will have the luxury of network command, with an array of tools to maximize sound with zero limitations. Between the Wireless Workbench, SystemOn, Axient Spectrum Manager and AMX & Crestron integration software, you’ll have tons of opportunities to monitor your levels, frequencies and sonic coverage.

To accommodate to your busy workflow and moving pieces during a live performance, the ULX-D is designed to cater to any individual engineer’s preferences. You can choose between a single, dual or quad receiver types, in addition to multiple spectrum options. Whether it’s VHF, UHF, 900 ISM or 1.5 GHz, you’ll be in a position to occupy any sound space. Dante Domain Manager (DDM) is compatible with this system, for those looking to manage enterprise-wide Dante audio network deployments.


Shure’s commitment to efficiency and audio quality is echoed with their line of wireless microphone systems. Find out more about which one best suits your needs at SamAsh.com today.