Gone are the days of earphones being seen as secondary options in the ever-expanding audio universe. Shure is taking the concept of minimal earbuds and completely flipping it, blowing any preconceived notions of bad quality into the sonic stratosphere. Featuring new sound isolating technology to block out unwanted background noise, Shure’s Sound Isolating Earphones Series is ready to bring you a new listening experience – and perhaps give your ears a fresh perspective.


Where does all of that great sound come from in such a minimal unit? A single dynamic driver takes credit for delivering a powerful sound performance while maintaining an element of modesty; discreet and durable, it hardly can be seen. Block up to 37 dB of outside noise with these bad boys. While modest in price, the quality is next-level and goes hand-in-hand with unmatched value.


Your morning commute is about to turn into a night at Madison Square Garden. Deep bass performance delivered from that single dynamic driver will have you questioning if you’re actually wearing earbuds, and not studio headphones. This pair features a gold-plated MMCX connector with lock-snap mechanisms, granting you 360-degree rotation for a comfortable fit when the buds are in. Enjoy your choice of Bluetooth models (BT2), Universal 3.5mm remote features (UNI) and a variety of colors (CL for clear, K for black, B for blue, W for white):

• SE215-CL +BT2
• SE215-CL +UNI
• SE215-K + BT2
• SE215-K +UNI
• SE215SPE-B +BT2
• SE215SPE-B + UNI
• SE215SPE-W + BT2


Defined by authentic sound and a sleek silver color, the SE425 is designed with the intent of making music sound the way the artist wanted you to hear it. Accuracy and range become attributes to this new earphone experience, breathing new life into this kind of listening experience. Factor in its comfortable fit and premium mobile connectivity, and you’ve got yourself a pair of buds that’ll last for years to come. Models include Bluetooth (BT2) and Universal 3.5mm remote/microphone technologies (UNI), both in silver (V) and clear (CL).

• SE425-V+BT2
• SE425-V+UNI
• SE425-CL


In almost cinematic fashion, the SE535 promises crystal-clear surround sound with astonishingly defined high and low end. Used by professionals during performances, you’ll be blown away by earth-rumbling bass and pristine highs from two woofers and a separate tweeter, respectively. The special edition version (LTD) features a distinctly tuned frequency filter, for maximum response across the entire sonic spectrum. Bluetooth (BT2) and Universal 3.5mm remote/mic (UNI) are available in various versions.

• SE535LTD+ BT2
• SE535-V+ BT2
• SE535-V+ UNI
• SE53-CL (clear)


Simply put, the SE846 is in a class of its own. Four custom-engineered drivers, designed with the utmost attention to balance and fusion, deliver sound that has never been heard from the likes of earphones before. Your listening atmosphere is about to become brighter, warmer and more defined. Take that sonic bliss up a notch with adjustable frequency response and cater your music to whatever situation you deem appropriate. Four striking colors (BLU for blue, BNZ for bronze, CL for clear and K for black) with Bluetooth (BT2) connectivity put this pair in the “elite” category.

• SE846-BLU+ BT2
• SE846-BNZ+ BT2
• SE846-CL+ BT2
• SE846-K+ BT2
• SE846-CL (clear)


This system may look different than what you’ve browsed up until this point, but don’t be turned off by that. The KSE1200 is an electrostatic earphone and amplification system meant to be used with portable media players. You’ll be presented with sonic clarity and enough detail to make audiophiles drool. Charging the KSE1200 is a non-issue; simply plug it into a standard USB wall charger or computer to restore juice and get you on the move. Prepare to enjoy wicked-accurate transient response and an experience your ears will thank you for.


Much like the KSE1200, this unit provides high-clarity audio and dynamic range but with an extra punch and dazzling extra features. Each earphone features a seemingly weightless diaphragm with managed charge oscillation, resulting in pinpoint accurate transient response for unparalleled audio precision. D4-band parametric EQ features five preset settings for those looking to manipulate and craft their audio with a professional mix mindset, and enhanced audio control options provide an extra layer of audio playback tweaking to keep you in a sonic universe unlike any other.

Earphones are back with a vengeance, thanks to Shure’s latest series. Explore these options and more through SamAsh.com.