No matter what sonic world you live in (singer-songwriter, EDM, podcasting, etc.) at some point, you’re going to need a clean vocal recording with a microphone. It always comes up at some point. You want to do a voiceover for a video project. You want to record a podcast. You want clean vocals on your new track. Clean mic recordings are just part of our world. The advent of reflection filters in coordination with pop filters, nice mics, and good techniques have allowed us to get cleaner recordings with far less work in a non acoustically treated environment! And let’s be real, many of us are going to use this bundle to record a lot more than vocals, and that’s ok because as you’ll see, it can handle it. Thankfully, sE is a company that remains at the forefront of this innovation. We were lucky enough to have Jonathan Pines in the Sam Ash studio who has worked with incredible recording artists like Wilco over the years, to give us a first hand look at their incredible X1 S Studio Bundle. Let’s take a look!

What Does it Do?

Brought to you by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, sE Electronics created the X1 S Studio Bundle to provide you with all of the tools that you need for recording superior sound quality in one affordable, high-quality package. With the included X1 S microphone, the RF-X Reflexion Filter, the sE Isolation Pack (with pop shield), and a 3-meter mic cable, the X1 S Studio Bundle is the ultimate budget-friendly recording solution that’ll let you turn virtually any room or space—even if it’s not acoustically-treated—into a recording studio!

The Filter

A reflection filter deadens the sound around your voice. It makes things nice and flat and clear so that you can process it however you would like to in post. It helps eliminate unwanted sound around you depending on your environment as well as eliminate unwanted frequencies. As you heard in the video, the unique multi-layer design of the RF-X does a great job at absorbing unwanted reflections evenly across the entire tonal spectrum for exceptionally, well-balanced sound. The sE Electronics RF-X Reflexion Filter® cuts out all that unwanted room noise with its patented design, giving you the ability achieve great sound even when you’re recording in non-acoustically-treated environments. Basement? Living Room? No problem.


The Microphone

The X1 S mic is handcrafted, very low noise, and takes their best-selling X1 mic to all new levels of performance and flexibility. It’s sensitive without having a lot of unwanted hiss. It featuring a hand-made condenser capsule, and offers the highest dynamic range and SPL capabilities in its class. It has a 2 position pad at -10db and -20db making this the ideal mic for a wide range of musical applications—whether you’re looking for something to cover vocals or even the loudest instruments (up to 160dB). That’s really loud audio! It also has a 2 position high-pass filter (80hrz and 160hrz) to get rid of unwanted low frequency information to get the best sound and help compensate for excessive bass with close-mic techniques. The X1 S is also constructed with an all-metal chassis, premium finish, and features an ultra-reliable gold-plate XLR connector.

Isolation Pack and Mic cable

This awesome X1 S Studio Bundle is rounded out by sE’s Isolation Pack, which includes a quick-release shock mount for easy mic insertion or removal along with an integrated, adjustable metal pop filter. The 3-meter mic cable lets you plug in and get started right away.

What Comes in the Bundle?

It comes with everything that you see below, and all at a truly unbelievable price! I have spent more for just the microphone, let alone the reflection and pop filters!








  • X1 S Microphone
  • RF-X Reflexion Filter
  • sE Isolation Pack (with pop shield)
  • 3-meter mic cable
  • Mounting bracket
  • Mic stand thread adapter


Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro on a budget, the sE X1 S Studio Bundle is sure to give you the high-quality sound and performance you’ve been looking for. This is an incredible package to set you on the path to clean vocal audio. I still can’t get my head around how affordable it is, but if you find yourself wanting to start a podcast, record some music, or anything of the like, then perhaps this studio bundle is the tool to get you there.