The latest headphones from Samson, the Z55 Professional Reference Headphones has been given the Editor’s Choice award from PC Magazine. We were already big fans of the  Z55s as they offer everything you would expect in a pair of quality headphones – great sound, extreme comfort and an surprising number of options.

Excellent balance of lows and highs in a sound signature that strives for accuracy and vibrancy. Includes three detachable cables. The Z55will satisfy both music lovers and studio engineers. It offers a fantastic balance of rich, full-bodied lows and bright high-frequency definition.- PC Magazine

SZ55XXXXX-P_5The Samson Z55 comes with not one, not two but three detachable cables plus a 1/4″ adapter, so they can handle any situation from the studio to working out. The lambskin earpads and the cushioned, adjustable headband feel great, even during long listening sessions.


On tracks with powerful sub-bass content, like The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the Z55 delivers a palpable sense of deep bass. At top, unwise listening levels, the drivers do not distort, while at more reasonable volumes, you still get a solid helping of thumping bass, balanced out by the Z55’s bright highs – PC Magazine

Since the Z55s feature a closed-back design, they effectively block unwanted background noise and the large 45mm drivers provide an amazingly detailed sound field. One feature we really like is the collapsible ear cups that let you fold the headphones for transport in the included carrying pouch.

The Samson Z55 Professional Reference headphones deliver an accurate, impressive sound signature, ideal for studio work and home listening – PC Magazine

We couldn’t have said it better. To read the review head on over to the PC Magazine website or, better yet, click the button below and pick up and pair of the Samson Z55 headphones and find out for yourself.