Born to Be Wireless

Samson Technologies was founded in 1980 under the mission of offering performers the freedom for unlimited expression with reliable wireless products that were attainable for the working musician . It’s a mission that continues through constant technological innovations and a deep connection to the needs of all kinds of performers from Guitar to Players to Educators. Today, Samson products are widely used in houses of worship, schools, performance venues and commercial buildings throughout the world. The meticulous engineering and state-of-the-art technology that goes into every Samson wireless system allows each word from the pulpit to be heard with exceptional clarity, as well as each note sung by the choir to shimmer with stunning tonality. The result is a whole new level of appreciation of your worship experience. Lets take a look at some of Samson latest Wireless offerings that can improve the sound of your venue while simultaneously providing your performers with a seamless setup and operation experience.

Dual Performer Wireless Systems: Concert 288 Frequency Agile UHF Wireless System

Samson Concert 288 Wireless systems provide supreme sound at a great value. It is a great solution when space is limited because the systems wireless receiver supports signals from two wireless transmitters at the same time. This lets you integrate and provide support for two performers. Another great feature on Concert 288 Systems is the various output options. The back of the receiver contains two balanced XLR outputs if you want to route each performer to a separate channel on your mixing console, but you can also use the 1/4″ Mix Output which combines both signals together if your looking to go directly into a speaker or portable PA System. For this type of application, the receivers independent volume controls for each performer can help you find the correct balance.

Utilizing the latest UHF wireless technology, the Concert 288 systems feature multiple frequency options to help limit interference from other devices. When you have interference on one channel, simply press the select button to change the channel and you will find a clear signal. The multiple frequency option also allow you to operate up to 12 Concert 288 Systems in one location. Other great features include a 8 Hour Battery Life for transmitters via two AA batteries, one touch mute control, and a 300 foot wireless operating range. Available Configurations Include

Concert 288 Handheld Wireless System

-Includes One Receiver and Two Handheld Dynamic Microphone Transmitters

-300 Foot Wireless Operating Range

-Transmitters Feature Samson Q6 Microphone Capsules

-Rackmount Kit Included

Concert 288 Presentation System(Super Value)

-Includes One Receiver and Two Body pack Transmitters

-4 Total Microphones Included(2 Lavalieres and 2 Headsets)

-300 Foot Wireless Operating Range

-Rackmount Kit Included


Concert 288 All in One System

-Includes One Receiver, One Handheld Transmitter and One Body pack Transmitter

-3 Total Microphones Included(1 Handheld, 1 Lavaliere, 1 Headset)

-300 Foot Wireless Operating Range

-Rackmount Kit Included

-Ideal for Question and Answer Sessions and Audience Participation

Professional Wireless Systems: Concert 99 Frequency Agile UHF Wireless System with Metal Receiver

For over 35 years Samson has been driven to push the boundaries of what performers can expect when it comes to affordable gear. Concert 99 honors that tradition providing a durable and reliable metal receiver along with various professional microphone options.  Despite all of the professional features, Concert 99 honors Samson’s commitment to simple streamlined setup and operation. For example, although the receiver features over 80 operating frequencies, one touch of the receiver will scan and select the best operating frequency for your environment. Multiple system setup is even easier because compatible frequencies are put in groups that can also be scanned to find the optimal selection of channels. This is important because up to 8 Concert 99 Systems can be used in the same venue.

The Concert 99 receiver was made for the stage. In addition to the sturdy metal housing, the multifunctional backlit LCD lets you monitor audio levels and operating channels in darker environments. The LCD even displays the battery life of the connected transmitter so you know when batteries need to be swapped out. Unheard of for a system at this price point, the Concert 99 receiver even features removable antennas. This is ideal for use with Remote Antenna Systems you would usually find in a larger venues that help extend the wireless operating range.

The Next level technology of Concert 99 further solidifies Samson’s commitment to “Taking the Worry Out of Wireless.” It all starts with the systems True RF Diversity Design, which indicates that the receiver has two separate receiving circuits, dynamically selecting the best possible signal reaches your PA Gear and Mixer. It also incorporates Tone Key Technology, which means the receiver will only let signal pass through to its output if it receives a special sub frequency from the transmitter. This prevents those annoying Pops and Screeches from occurring when your transmitter is muted or out of range. You will also love the IR Sync Technology which lets you wireless pair your transmitter to your receiver when the ladder changes channels.

Concert 99 Handheld Wireless System

Metal Receiver with Stage Ready Display

Handheld Transmitter Features Samson’s Q8 Dynamic Microphone Capsule

300 Foot Wireless Operating Range

Rackmount Kit Included

80 Selectable Operating Channels to fight interference

Simplified Setup for single and multiple system use

Concert 99 Earset Wireless System

Metal Receiver with Stage Ready Display

Body pack Transmitter

Samson SE10 Low Profile Earset Microphone with Removable Cable

300 Foot Wireless Operating Range

Rackmount Kit Included

80 Selectable Operating Channels to fight interference

Simplified Setup for single and multiple system use

Cable-Free Wireless Systems: Airline 88 Headset and Airline Micro Earset UHF Wireless Systems

Samson is dedicated to constant innovation in an effort to improve the experience of performers. This dedication is what inspired Airline Series Wireless systems. Airline sets itself apart from other headworn wireless systems by eliminating the need for a body pack transmitter to be connected to the microphone you are wearing on your head. The result is true wireless freedom without the hassle of connection cables or body packs. Airline is made possible by Samson’s innovative micro transmitter technology. By reducing the size of necessary transmission components, they are able to build the transmitter into the microphone. This truly unique design makes both setup and operation easier. Simply turn on your transmitter and enjoy limitless movement with the same great sound quality you would expect from a traditional wireless system.

Airline 88 Headset Wireless System

The latest edition to the Airline series, the Airline 88 features an ultra lightweight low profile headset with a connected gooseneck microphone that can be positioned by the performer. The Airline 88 uses the Concert 88 receiver which provides 16 selectable channels. This helps reduce interference and allows the system to be used in different locations. The headset is rechargeable with over 8 hours of life on a single charge. It is also designed to be completely sweat proof so it is ideal for  energetic performers and presenters. The headset even includes mute and volume controls so you can change settings on the fly without ever needing to ask the sound crew.

Cable Free Headset Wireless System with no body pack required

Includes Low Profile Headset Transmitter with built in flexible Gooseneck Microphone

Includes Concert 88 Frequency Agile Receiver with Rackmount Kit

300 Foot Wireless Operating Range

Complete Freedom of movement

Sweat proof Headset designed for maximum durability

Airline Micro Earset Wireless System

The appropriately named Airline Micro is one of the most compact wireless performance systems in the world. In addition to its portable size, it also features both a rechargeable transmitter and  a rechargeable receiver so it is ideal for outdoor events or other scenarios where access to power is limited. Similar to the Airline 88, the Airline Micro does not require a body pack. The transmitter rests comfortably around you ear and features a built in gooseneck microphone that can be positioned by the performer. The Airline Micro is also ideal for active and energetic performers and speakers. The system is especially great for events with multiple performers because it can be removed and given to the next performer  at a much quicker pace than it takes to transition with traditional wireless Earset systems that require body packs.

Cable Free Earset Wireless System with no body pack required

Completely Rechargeable: Both Transmitter and Receiver Feature Built in Batteries

300 Foot Wireless Operating Range

Complete Freedom of movement

Convenient Charging Dock Included for both Receiver and Transmitter

Deluxe Carrying Case Included for all system components

The Sam Ash Difference

Sam Ash features the complete line of Samson Wireless Products including replacement components should any issues arise with your system. We work very closely with Samson to identify the needs of our customers, which they use to continue to improve the experience of all performers. If you come down to the store we would be happy to let you try out all of the systems and find what fits you best. Of course if your not near a store, just call our experts and they can help you with any Samson Wireless questions.