A beauty. ain’t it? But it’s more than just a pretty face…

One of the perks to producing audio in the digital era is accessibility. In other words, you have the freedom to record, produce, mix and distribute content in virtually any setting or space. And with DIY home setups picking up a ton of momentum for recording purposes, it’s essential to maximize your equipment to meet those resourceful standards.

Regardless of the directions that the recording process may go in as far as approachability is concerned, you’d be foolish to make audio magic happen without the right gear. The Samson Satellite USB Broadcast Microphone translates perfectly to the modern-day recording setup, with high-definition audio and computer connectivity in mind.

Size Matters!

As a producer, I can tell you right now that being able to take any part of your rig on-the-go is vital with the way artists, musicians and engineers choose to work these days. While state-of-the-art studios and larger-than-life production houses are still quite prevalent for broadcast/music/advertising/film purposes, the actual practice of capturing audio and getting it to sound professional is no longer an exclusive (or mind-numbingly expensive) art.

Foldable legs for additional portability.

Just on size alone, the Samson Satellite is unbelievably convenient. As alluded to above, it’s important to understand the significance of working remotely in our current production era. With varying schedules, improved work-from-home possibilities and simpler setups, content creators find themselves operating out of more than just one “mothership” recording space.

If you’re in charge of a podcast, for example, you may find yourself sitting around a table with a panel of esteemed guests (or just your siblings who kept begging to be on an episode). If this session is being done at your co-host’s crib across town, rest assured that this microphone will like a glove into most backpacks or bags for your travel purposes. Once on the table, the Samson Satellite can be easily connected to your laptop or smart phone via USB, offering plug-and-play efficiency. With 24-bit/96kHz audio, three selectable pickup patterns and a patented fold-back leg design, this microphone can go anywhere you need it to and deliver stellar-sounding audio.


Perhaps that table of guests keeps adding big players from the podcast world. If it’s a fantasy football broadcast, you know they’ll all want to share their take on why Tom Brady is not fantasy-relevant anymore (sorry, Pats fans…).

Clearly flexing for Instagram here.

Whether you’re trying to capture an array of personalities as described above, record a one-on-one conversation or even just document yourself talking, you have polar options. Users will have the luxury of using and experimenting with three selectable pickup patterns: cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional. If I were sitting down next to you, ready to record and make some audio magic happen as a team, I’d suggest the following:

• Cardioid setting: vocal performances, streaming, single hosts, Skype, video narration
• Bidirectional setting: two person interviews, host and co-host for podcasts
• Omnidirectional: conference calls, multi-person interviews, round-table podcasts

For a deeper dive into the wonderful world of microphones, this link should be able to explain the nitty-gritty a step further. Regardless of what setting you roll with on the Samson Satellite, you can optimize vocals in any context without having to worry about losing certain frequencies, quality or timbre.

Pristine Quality

I’d look like a clown if I praised this microphone’s abilities as a portable device and mic-savvy must-have, and then it ended up sounding like you recorded everything in a gas station bathroom – while you were taking care of your business.

“Look ma, no unbearably expensive or smelly studio space!”

Fortunately, we will not have that issue with the Samson Satellite. Conversely, I think you’ll find yourself in awe at the quality you get upon recording vocals, conversations or any other piece of audio. Two premium 16mm condenser capsules in the Satellite are designed to embrace vocal warmth and clarity with a smooth-as-butter frequency response. An internal shock-mount is crafted to minimize any outside noise, distracting vibrations and rumbling from table-bashing during political debates. With a flat response of 20Hz-20kHz, you’ll get the most from any vocal timbre in any capacity.

An issue I’ve personally had in the past with portable microphones, and even some high-grade audio interfaces, is latency. Nothing has made me want to pull my hair out in the past more than that frustrating delay rendering my takes unusable and off-time. The Samson Satellite all but ensures zero-latency direct monitoring from its 1/8” (3.5mm) headphone jack, so there won’t be delay between what you’re recording and what you’re hearing. This comes in handy particularly when laying down sweet lead vocals for your original music, which this mic is more than equipped to handle. Belt it, rockstar!

Final Thoughts

As technology advances and trends pick up steam, it’s always useful to keep tabs on what audio aficionados, beginners to professionals and everyone in between, like to do as a part of their fresh workflow. With an ever-growing demand for audio jobs and recording sessions away from a designated facility, there is now an onus on content creators to possess gear accompanying that production style.

Plug. Play. Boom.

Because microphones are so vital to any recording process, I highly recommend the Samson Satellite for its USB connectivity, low latency, warm sound and portability. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular by the day, and this seems like an absolute steal when you consider its ability for recording, price value and professional-grade quality. Smaller, modest setups are going to benefit greatly from having this microphone on-deck. While this may not be what you’d use to record Rihanna’s vocals with on her next big hit, this mic can still handle most smaller-scale recording sessions without fail.

Looking to maximize your sound even more? I’d run the Satellite directly through your laptop via USB connectivity and queue up any of your favorite DAWs that you may use for vocal production. Whether you’re an Ableton addict, Logic legend or Pro Tools propagandist, all of these would be great for tracking your audio as it’s being recorded live. Take the Satellite and your laptop, throw them into your bag and hit the road – don’t forget your cables, though!

Ready to add this audio ace to your rig? Looking to explore more options? Let the team at SamAsh.com help you today.