Wireless headphones have always been a win/lose situation. In order to have the freedom from being tethered by the cable, you had to give up sound quality. Well, the folks at Samson Technologies have changed the game with their new RTE 2 Bluetooth Headphones. Featuring premium 40mm drivers and Samson’s signature digital voicing, these headphones rival the sound of professional studio monitors.

Throw in a boatload of features including an on-board microphone for hands free phone calls, on-board controls to navigate through your playlists and built-in rechargeable  batteries that offer 10 hours of listening time (200 hours in standby mode!) that will make the RTE 2’s your go-to headphones for music, travel, the gym – whatever and wherever you need them. Prepared to be blown away by the price – only $99.99 – and that includes a case, charging cable and 1/8″ connector cable just in case you want to go old school and plug in.