Whether you’re editing videos, recording in a studio or just want to listen to some music with friends the Samson QH4 Four-Channel Headphone Amplifier has got you covered. Designed to distribute audio to four individual sets of headphones, the QH4 is pocket sized, and is the perfect on-the-go and desktop accessory.

Superb Sound Quality

The four individual amplifier channels offer volume control, clean crisp audio for up to four sets of headphones at once.

For overall control of your sound, the QH4 is built with a master control knob and a master output mute control. Engineered to give you the ultimate listening environment, this small but feisty tool has an ultra-low noise floor and a wide dynamic range.

Connections Galore

Along with the four well engineered headphone inputs, the Samson QH4 Headphone Amplifier is made with enough connections to integrate into any recording, editing, or leisure situation. Featuring two ¼” inputs, a stereo 1/8” aux Input, and a 1/8” aux output you can connect this device to a mixer, recording interface, your smartphone, or other QH4s!

Mono Ready

When recording and editing music, videos, podcasts and more, you should always ensure that your mix can be played in both stereo and mono. The QH4 features a global Mono button, which allows you to quickly check the mono compatibility of your tracks. The global mono button also allows the user to split a right and left feed from a stereo interview, to hear each track in one side of the headphones, making for quick monitoring of a podcast or any recording with split tracks.


Here are some accessories you could use with the QH4 Headphone Amplifier:


Chief Mfg HH1 Rack Headphone Hanger

1/8” Aux Cord