The Samson QH4 is an ultra compact four channel desktop headphone amplifier. Ideal for your home or project studio, the QH4 lets you connect up to four headphones at the same time via ¼” inputs located at the front of the unit. Every channel has a separate level control so each listener can dial in their own volume setting as the signal comes through.

Signal Boost

In addition to distributing your mix to different listeners, the QH4’s four independent high power amplifiers boost the dynamic range of the signal resulting in ultra clean, smooth, high gain audio. The systems circuitry is designed to provide an ultra low noise floor so your mix comes through uncolored. A master volume control and mute button allow you to quickly apply changes for all listeners.

Check your Phase

Upon further examination of the QH4 you will also notice a Mono Button. Engaging the Mono setting allows you to check how your mix will sound on Mono music playback systems. This is perfect for double checking the phase of your recordings. Dual ¼” and 3.5mm stereo inputs provide maximum capability with a variety of music sources.

Who Needs It

If you want to track multiple performers or are looking to conduct a group listening session of your favorite tracks, the QH4 is the solution you need.