The Samson Go Mic Mobile smartphone wireless microphone system allows you to capture high definition audio for videos shot on your phone.  By taking the microphone off your phone and closer to the subject, Go Mic Mobile lets you use your iPhone/Android  for professional video projects including mobile journalism, field reporting, how to videos, and of course live streaming. When you replace the tiny microphone that is built in to your smartphone with Samson’s professional microphone capsules the difference is incredible. Instead of constant background noise and disturbing hum, you get loud and clear vocals and instruments.

Wireless Freedom

There are many IOS wireless microphones designed for use with your smartphone, but only the Samson Go Mic Mobile allows you to mic your subject from up to 100 ft away from your phone. This helps you cut down on editing time and limits the potential of ambient noise from entering your raw footage. In fact the Go Mic Mobile is actually a dedicated dual channel wireless system. This feature allows you to add a second transmitter (sold separately) so two performers/subjects can get flawless audio on a single video shoot. This makes Go Mic Mobile the undisputed solution for conducting interviews and Q&A sessions. But since Samson offers the same microphone components as their professional stage wireless systems, the Go Mic Mobile is more than ready for rap battles and duets. If you’re a singer/ songwriter looking to record YouTube videos on your phone, Go Mic Mobile will faithfully display the natural sound of your voice and even your acoustic guitar, Saxophone, or Violin.

Go Mic Mobile brings reliable high definition wireless audio to your video
All You Need For High Quality Mobile Video

Instant Set Up

The simplified setup of the Go Mic Mobile Wireless system lets you put more focus on the intricacies of video and visuals. The micro receiver features an adjustable clip that easily attaches to the back of your smartphone without blocking the camera. Once you attach the receiver, simply turn on your transmitter and you are ready to record. That’s right, no syncing or channel matching, just turn it on. Sound is coming in too low? Not a problem, just adjust the volume on your receiver . The system even works with your phones native video application in addition to other popular apps like Periscope/Instagram/Snapchat and professional editing apps like Filmic Pro and iMovie.

The Go Mic Mobile micro wireless receiver attaches to the back of your phone

Complete Compatibility(IOS/Andriod/DSLR)

The Go Mic Mobile works with more than just iPhones and iPads. In addition to a lightning cable, the included accessory pack also provides a USB Micro and USB C cable to connect the system to most Android devices. For more experienced videographers, the Go Mic Mobile is also compatible with DSLR cameras and comes with the appropriate shoe mount for direct mounting. Just try finding a more portable dual channel wireless system for DSLR’s anywhere.

All of these cables are included with your Go Mic Mobile
The Included Shoe-Mount lets you put the receiver on a DSLR Camera

 Meet the Family

The Go Mic Mobile is available in two distinct versions. The Go Mic Mobile Handheld wireless system offers a more traditional microphone and features Samson’s professional Q8 microphone capsule. The Q8 capsule has been tested by a diverse group of some of the worlds most respected vocalists who rely on the capsule night after night through stadium tours and studio recording sessions. The microphones Cardioid pickup pattern is designed to only pick up the signal at the front of the microphone which helps cancel out environmental background noise from your video. You could also go with the Samson Go Mic Mobile Lavaliere wireless system which features a wireless body pack transmitter and the Samson LM8 Lavaliere Microphone. Lavaliere microphones are preferred for their discreet look on screen making them great for shooting movies. The Lavaliere or hands-free option as it sometimes called, is also ideal for How To Videos like cooking shows, exercise instruction, and other energetic performances. Remember, since the receiver supports up to two transmitters, you can build your own system with both the handheld and hands free(Lavaliere) option

The Go Mic Mobile Handheld Wireless System



Go Mic Mobile Lavaliere Wireless System

Additional Transmitters Available



You Can Purchase an Additional Handheld Transmitter to take advantage of the dual channel reciever
You can purchase an additional body pack/lavaliere transmitter as well

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