Superior Value:

Sold as a pair, the MediaOne M50 Studio Monitors are the ideal stereo sound system for your desktop. They offer professional 5.25” woofers which provides exceptionally deep and dynamic bass along with ¾” silk dome tweeters for enhanced high frequency projection. The tweeters are designed with a special custom waveguide that eliminate reflections that can cause unnecessary hype and color from effecting your sound. Instead you get a pure wide soundstage so you can accurately mix and produce original content.

Music, Movies and More

Whether you’re a professional musician who needs a great set of reference monitors for your latest mix or you just want a killer stereo sound system for music, YouTube videos, video games, or Netflix, the Media One M50’s will deliver. A built in 80 Watt amplifier offers exceptionally loud volume while special design techniques including rear ports and wood cabinet construction ensure enhanced clarity. Making the next killer hip-hop tracks or listening to the latest bumpin’ mixtape and need some extra low end? Flick the bass boost switch to get that awesome thump!

Studio Flexibility

The M50’s offers RCA inputs for connecting devices like DJ controllers, keyboards, and drum machines. You also get an 1/8” stereo aux input so you can directly connect your smart phone, tablet, or laptop for instant playback. Unlike many other studio monitors, the volume knob is located directly on the front panel for quick adjustments. So if your looking to get into production or simply want to step up your multimedia setup from those tiny and distorted computer speakers, we highly recommend the M50 Studio Monitors. Of course if your desktop space is limited, we also offer the MediaOne M30’s, they offer a bit less power in a more compact form.