The Samson G-Track Pro allows you to create high quality content without extensive recording knowledge or additional audio gear. G-Track Pro is both a large diaphragm condenser USB microphone and an audio interface so it is ideal for capturing both vocals and instruments for Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, and recording software like Logic, TeamSpeak, Audacity and more.

Ready To Rock

The G-Track Pro offers plug and play operation for both Mac and PC. Simply plug in the microphone via the included USB cable, open up your recording/video software and start performing. The innovative built in stand provides stability and helps prevent vibrations from entering your recorded signal. The volume controls are located directly at the front of the microphone so you can quickly adjust levels without going through software menus or computer settings.

Singing/Streaming/Interviews and More

Hearing recordings of yourself on the G-Track Pro compared to the built in microphones on your computer or webcam is simply a revelation. This due to a combination of the G-Track’s 25mm diaphragm, 24 bit/96Khz sampling rate, and 50Hz to 20Khz frequency range. All these features help G-Track pickup and transmit the natural sound of your voice to your software. Even the sublte nuances of tone and delivery will be audible. For maximum application flexibility, the microphone offers selectable pickup patterns. For musical performance go with the Cardioid setting which will only pickup sound going into the front of the microphone. For two person podcast interviews, switch to Bidirectional which captures sound reaching both the front and back of the G-Track. For recording more than two people or full bands, use the Omni-Directional setting which tells the microphone to capture sound from anywhere.

Become a Youtube Star

The G-Track Pro is the easiest way to capture your vocals and guitar in a single setting. Once you plug your guitar into the ¼ inch input on the back of the microphone, use the integrated mixer to set your preferred levels for each channel so you can find the ideal balance between your voice and instrument. Finding that balance is simpler than you think thanks to the G-Track Pro’s zero latency headphone output. You even get a dedicated headphone volume control for setting your preferred monitor level.

Mobile Creation:

Samson designed the G-Track Pro with a soild zinc die cast body. This metal like material allows the microphone to stand up to the perils of heavy travel. Considering the microphones rugged construction and built in stand, the G-Track Pro is also the perfect microphone for your mobile podcast and field recording tasks. The microphone is also powered from your computer so it is great for recording outdoors as well.


Why You Need it:

If you live stream on twitch or Facebook, or are looking to improve the sound of your Youtube channel, the G Track Pro is for you. It is simply the quickest way to bring your audio quality to a professional level. It works with nearly any software. It is also perfect for business communication via VoIP programs like Skype, Go To Meeting, Web Ex Conferences, Google Hangout, Facetime and more. If you’re a singer-songwriter looking to make a splash on Youtube, you will find no better friend than the simplicity and quality provided by the G-Track Pro USB Microphone/Audio Interface.


Large Diaphragm USB Microphone with built in Audio Interface

Ideal for Podcasting, Streaming, Gaming, Field Reporting

Perfect for Singer/Songwriters and Guitar Players

Three Selectable Pickup Patterns(Cardioid, Omni-directional, Figure 8)

Plug and Play Operation with Mac/PC via USB(No Drivers Required)

¼” input for connecting guitars and other devices

Integrated Mixer with volume control for vocals and instrument channels

1/8” Headphone output with level control for zero latency monitoring

Solid Zinc Die Cast Construction

Built in desktop stand for quick setup

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Matthew Marcus
Matthew has been a performer for over half his life. He began singing in his elementary school chorus at 8 years old, eventually being invited to perform with the All County Chorus four times and participating in NYSSMA twice where he received high scores. Around the same time, he began playing trumpet. After two years in the school band, Matthew abandoned the trumpet and picked up a guitar. He has been playing guitar and writing songs since the age of 11 and performing live since the age of 13.