Samson Technologies is all about creating unique music and sound products that are not only affordable and reliable but also very easy to use. Whether you’re looking to create, communicate or just relax and listen, Samson products always have you covered. Be sure to check out these great items for life inside and away from the classroom this year.

Samson Go Mic Connect: Record Your Lectures/Connect with Family and Friends


Lets face it; your classes aren’t always at the most convenient time for you. You have that midterm coming up in another class that you could use some extra studying for. Or maybe it’s just too early (either the time or your state of mind) for you to fully absorb what your professor says is sure to be covered on the next exam. Enter the Go Mic Connect, an ultra portable USB microphone small enough to fit in your pocket. The Go Mic Connect is designed to clip onto your laptop or can be placed on the desk beside your laptop. What really makes the Go Mic Connect unique from other USB microphones is patented Focused Pattern Technology. In the Focused Pattern setting the microphone will only pick up sound coming from a specific source like your teacher at the front of the classroom. All sounds outside the Focused Pattern are eliminated from your recording so you can go back to your place and listen to a crystal clear recording of what the professor taught that day. The Focused Pattern ensures that auxiliary noise like another student slurping their coffee or rustling to open a bag of chips don’t make it into your recording. What more, the Go Mic Connect is perfect for online communication like Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts, especially in noisy places. And, thanks to the Connects dual mic capsules the people on the other end of the call will hear the natural tone of your voice.



Samson Expedition Express: Bluetooth LOUD-speaker

2Samson’s Expedition Express battery powered Bluetooth loudspeaker is kind of like of like your student ID because you can take it anywhere and it serves many purposes. At its core the Expedition Express is a portable loudspeaker for every musician, vocalist, and performer who wants great sound without having to worry about plugging in. However, the Expedition Express is also great for listening to your music wirelessly. Unlike the countless smaller Bluetooth speakers that can really only power a small gathering of maybe you and your roommates, the Expedition Express is loud enough for a solid pregame/party with up to 30 people. What’s more, the Expedition Express also includes a microphone so it also perfect for Karaoke applications like Smule and Karaoke Cloud. You can also leave the Express paired to your computer to get great sound for Netflix and YouTube videos you want to watch with friends.



Samson Media One BT3: Stereo Sound Experience

3Samson Technologies is one of the pioneers of crafting products for the burgeoning home studio market. With the Media One BT series, they took a solid pair of reference monitors for mixing music and added the convenience of Bluetooth for streaming music wirelessly from your laptop/tablet/smartphone. The Media One BT3 packs a lot of bass into a small footprint so it does your favorite Hip-Hop/Rap and EDM tracks justice. The two speaker stereo configuration also provides a much more rewarding listening experience that those single unit portable Bluetooth speakers like the Beats Pill or Jambox. With genuine stereo performance you get to listen your tracks as your favorite artists intended. The Media One BT3 also automatically pairs to the latest device you used, so when you get back from a stressful class you can just lay down and control your playlist wirelessly from your phone.



Samson RTE2 Bluetooth Headphones: Wireless Style


In a wireless world and with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack increasingly under attack, it can be intimidating trying to find a wireless headphone that you can bear to buy after spending all that money on the latest iPhone or Android device. Enter Samson’s RTE2 Bluetooth on ear headphones. The RTE2’s contains all the features of premium Bluetooth headphones that cost 3 times as much including a built in microphone with call and answer buttons for hands free calls on your way to class. The RTE2’s also boast an ultra-impressive 10+ hours of battery life at full level listening. Featuring comfortable leather cushioning on the ear cups and adjustable headband, the RTE2’s secure fit and low profile appearance are great for everything from working out to long nights at the library.