We’ve rounded up SamAsh.com’s 5 best-selling pro level DJ Controllers – the Numark NV, Native Instruments Kontrol S4, Pioneer DDJ-SX2, Numark NS7II, and Pioneer DDJ-SZ. All 5 controllers are designed to handle a wide scope of environments and venues – anything from bedroom DJing to large format clubs, or even festivals. All 5 feature 4 channel mixers and an EQ, and are packaged with current, pro level DJ software. Despite having all of that in common, certain unique and cool features stand out on each.
Numark NV at SamAsh.com
The Numark NV is one of the newest controllers in this roundup. The NV is packaged with Serato DJ and is equipped with a built-in 24-bit, USB 2.0 audio interface. It features Intelligent, touch-activated EQ, filter, and effects knobs. Essential for any scratch DJ’s toolkit; a pro-grade crossfader comes standard on the NV. An integrated 1:1 real-time, full color Serato display gives any Nuamrk NV user the freedom to focus on the music, and not the computer.

Native Instruments Kontrol 4 at SamAsh.com


Designed for advanced performance; the Native Instruments Kontrol S4 has put all of the latest TRAKTOR features at your fingertips. Unique to the S4 is the dedicated Remix Deck controls with visual feedback. The S4 includes 2 stereo inputs, which allows turntable connectivity and also enables 4 separate units the ability to utilize its 30 plus built-in effects. The Traktor S4 is also iOS ready. Plug-and-play on your iPhone and iPad!

Pioneer DJJ-SX2 at SamAsh.com


The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is the successor to the best-selling DJ controller of all time; the discontinued DDJ-SX. The SX2 features a 4 channel mixer; which enables simultaneous 4 track performance, and a new needle search pad; which enables immediate movement to the desired playback point. The SX2 supports the Serato DJ DVS function; allowing external turntable or media player connectivity to the software. The SX2 also supports Serato Flip; which records and calls up to a maximum of 6 orders and sequences of HOT CUE operations, and is one of the latest Serato functions.

Numark NS7ii at SamAsh.com

The Numark NS7II is the only controller in this roundup with 7-inch motorized turntables and features ultra-high-resolution MIDI. With genuine vinyl discs, real felt slipmats for unmatched tactile control, and curve adjustable CP- Pro crossfaders, the NS7II mimics the traditional feel of real turntables. The 4 channel mixer can operate standalone, which means you can mix up to four external sources without even turning your computer on, or connect and mix CD players, turntables, MP3 players, or any other external source. Its rugged metal construction makes the Numark NS7II ideal for frequent travel.

Pioneer DJSZ at SamAsh.com

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ is at the top of Pioneer’s Serato DJ controller arsenal. The DDJ-SZ shares many features with the DDJ-SX2, but features a 206mm diameter “big jog” – the same as the pro DJ/Club-oriented multi media player, the CDJ-2000NXS. DJs enjoy even more creative freedom on the DDJ-SZ thanks to a high/low pass filter on every channel, including the two mic channels. The DDJ-SZ features high quality FX, like Oscillator, noise, siren, cymbal and horn as well as popular sound color FX, like pitch, echo, jet and filter. DDJ-SZ also features 2 sound cards and 2 USB ports, which allows the connectivity of 2 computers. Dedicated A/B buttons allow DJs the ability to split the controller – assigning each half for seamless DJ handovers.

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