The era of the DJ is upon us. Whether it’s music festivals, local bars or even incorporated into live band performances, the classic turntable look has been transformed into a staple for EDM, trap music, house and a slew of other genres nestling into the ears of millions. The crew at Sam Ash knows just how valuable it is have the right gear, so take a peek at this rental guide to see which rig tickles your fancy for the next big show on your calendar.

MG16XU Package

While this is fairly obvious considering the progression of audio technology in recent years, it’s essential to have high-quality sound in just about any sonic atmosphere these days. Do-it-yourself recording sessions, podcasts, streaming services, radio play – it all sounds stellar. To keep up with these ever-growing demands for sonic excellence, the Yamaha MG16XU promises clarity and accurate response for any and all recordings you’re looking to capture. Boasting an impressive array of built-in FX and Discrete Class-A mic preamps, this mixer serves as a jack-of-all-trades designed to get all audio jobs accomplished.

This rental would be the ideal choice for engineers and producers looking to bring in a special guest vocalist for their killer new radio anthem, track multiple instruments for a bigger band atmosphere or work with a unit directly compatible with Cubase software.

What’s Included:

DDJ-SB3 Package

While the art of DJ’ing has taken on a whole new identity in the digital era, there are certain components to a live performance that stand the test of time. One, for example, is the beauty of efficiency. Flexing a portable build, logical layout and ergonomic interface, the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller is the pinnacle of efficient live-music production with a minimal setup but larger-than-life. Whether it’s a gig at your local pub, a big-time music festival or anything in between, this compact yet powerful unit will raise the roof and get the dance floor packed in no time.

Considering its lightweight frame and size suitable for any venue or transportation methods, this is a perfect rental for DJs in a pinch for a rig last-minute, traveling frequently with their talents, familiar with Serato DJ or entertaining a venue of any capacity.

What’s Included:

DDJ-SX2 Package

Loaded with enough features to be mistaken for the control panel on the Starship Enterprise, the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 comes jam-packed with CDJ Jog Wheels, DJM Sound Color FX, Multicolor Performance Pads and an array of knobs and faders for the audio creations of your wildest dreams. With such a robust interface and versatile army of functions, it’s no shocker that this controller is worshipped among those in the DJ and EDM communities. Take it up a notch with this audio juggernaut, and feel confident knowing this rental will elevate your performances to a professional level.

Gigging fairly regularly these days? Performing for bigger and bigger crowds each time you book a show? Looking to take the next step on stage? If you can check off any of these three boxes, this rental is exactly in-line with your needs as a DJ.

What’s Included:

SM58 Mic Package

Chances are, at some point or another, you’ve used the Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone with outstanding results. Often considered the industry standard for vocal performances, this package offers users with the whole nine yards: the mic, the cable and the stand. With unparalleled craftsmanship, elite sound quality and versatility for just about any setting with an MC or singer, the cardioid-classic is ready to join the party.

Singers, hosts, recording artists, corporate event MCslend me your ears! This is a beautiful mic option, translating beautifully to any live or recorded sound environment.

What’s Included:

Q8X Mic Package

A no-nonsense microphone with frequency-capturing integrity, the Samson QX8 Dynamic Microphone boasts a supercardioid pickup pattern for elite gain, minimal outside noise and wide dynamic range. While this package includes a series of fixtures for a mic, the real value stems from the mic itself. With a rugged die-cast body and hardened steel grille, it’s ready to be moved around in the van/tour bus and utilized on stages of any size.

Tough as nails and packing an awesome sonic punch, this microphone is perfect for belting killer vocals on-stage, in the recording booth or jamming with a whole crop of other musicians without feedback.

What’s Included:

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