Fascinating Instruments from Our Collection: Goya Panther S-2 Guitar

This late ‘60s made-in-Japan Goya Panther S-2 conjures up images of Tiescos and Telestars, and brings you way back in time.

The fact is you had two kinds of guitars to choose from for the most part: an expensive American-made model or a far-out made-in-Japan model.

Remember, in 1970, a brand new car was about $3,000 and a Les Paul was about $400. But mom! I want one!

If you were lucky, your mom and dad may have been cool enough to buy you a Goya Panther. It might not sound like a Strat or a Les Paul, but look! It has 4 rocker switches, two chrome cover pickups, and a far-out exciting tremolo! And let’s not forget the genuine simulated wood pickguard.

All joking aside, Japan was poised to be making some fierce competition for American guitar companies. They bear many names, but all came from only a few factories, factories that now make names like Ibanez, ESP, Greco, Takamine, and Fernandes.

Take a second look. These old gems are better than you might remember, and they just might bring you back to Christmas 1967!

This Goya Panther S-2 Made-In-Japan Guitar is currently on display at our Sam Ash Music Store located in New York, New York. To make a purchase or to learn more about this exact guitar, please visit the Goya Panther S-2 Made-In-Japan Guitar page on our dedicated Sam Ash Used Gear Website.