Sammy Ash and John Page have been working together since the very beginning of the Fender® Custom Shop. In fact, together they designed the 33rd guitar ever produced out of there. Throughout the years, they went on to collaborate on many wonderful designs and concepts. Now, with John building guitars under his own name, that collaboration will live on for years to come. Sam Ash Music warmly welcomes John Page Classic guitars into its fine selection of instruments.

Sammy Ash and John Page

Renowned custom luthier and designer John Page teamed up with Howard Swimmer (Founder & CEO of HRS Unlimited) to bring John’s elite custom designs into the hands of more players. These true Custom Production™ guitars from John Page Classic remain faithful to John’s custom design specs, but are offered at a price point that’s more accessible to working musicians. Every John Page Classic instrument is set-up by a John Page authorized technician right here in the USA.

If you’re a guitarist or guitar enthusiast, you’ve probably heard the name John Page before. John Page is a world-class luthier and guitar designer that has spent over 40 years building and designing guitars. Just take a look at your Fender® Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity—that scribble you know so well is John’s signature. For over 20 years, John Page worked at Fender®, where he co-founded and led the Fender® Custom Shop, led Fender® Guitar Research & Development, and created guitars for some of the most iconic artists including Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, and more. In 2006, John Page launched the John Page Custom brand, which grew to a custom line of distinct, innovative custom instruments (including true art guitars) along with the unique hand-made JP Woodtone bridges.

John Page sought to create a production version of the Ashburn guitar and his Bloodline® by John Page pickups to give more players a chance to experience his unique design perspective, so he joined forces with Howard Swimmer of HRS Unlimited to introduce the John Page Classic brand. The award-winning John Page Classic Ashburn model is now accompanied by other Uniquely Familiar™ guitars, including the Ashburn HH equipped with Bloodline® by John Page JP-2 humbuckers and the AJ models.

The John Page Classic Ashburn

“The Ashburn is everything I strive for in my designs… beautiful timeless lines with rich, classic tones.”
—John Page

The Ashburn model from John Page Classic is the epitome of what Howard Swimmer and John Page had in mind for the John Page Classic guitars: a painstakingly designed production guitar with John Page’s Uniquely Familiar™ custom design ethos. The Ashburn boasts an alder double-cutaway body featuring an ergonomic contoured neck heel for comfortable upper fret access and a threaded bolt neck design for enhanced tonal transfer. For an outstanding playing feel, the Ashburn features a cozy medium “C”-shaped maple neck along with a 12”-radius fingerboard with nickel silver frets. The Ashburn comes fitted with a trio of Bloodline® by John Page™ JP-1 pickups to deliver those vintage-inspired ‘60s single-coil tones with exceptional clarity. The bridge pickup has also been angled in a different way than you’d normally expect from an S-style bridge pickup, which gives your top-end a little more beef and thickness. Featuring a Master Volume control, a Master Tone control, and contemporary 5-way switching, the Ashburn will dish those classic tones you crave but without that notorious unwanted single-coil hum in positions 2 and 4. The Ashburn comes equipped with the same premium nickel/chrome Gotoh hardware that John Page uses on his custom-built instruments, which includes staggered vintage-style tuning machines and a 510 tremolo. The Ashburn comes complete with a high-quality gig bag.


The John Page Classic Ashburn HH

The Ashburn HH gives you everything you love about the original award-winning John Page Classic Ashburn, except now, this Ashburn comes loaded up with a set of nickel-covered Bloodline® by John Page JP-2 humbuckers. The perfect blend of classic and contemporary, these pickups serve up all of those rich legendary tones delivered by the coveted humbuckers of yesteryear, but with added clarity and no muddiness. Just as its single-coil counterpart, the Ashburn HH sports a double-cutaway alder body with a comfortably contoured neck heel for outstanding upper fret access, a threaded bolt neck design for enhanced tonal transfer, and a superbly playable medium “C” maple neck with a 12”-radius fretboard. Comes fitted with premium nickel/chrome hardware including Gotoh staggered vintage-style tuners, a Gotoh 510 tremolo, and short chrome dome control knobs. The Ashburn HH comes complete with a high-quality gig bag.


The John Page Classic AJ

An offspring of the first guitar John Page designed when he started his custom guitar shop and named after his first born son, Adam John, the John Page Classic AJ features a single cutaway alder body with a 13” lower bout, ergonomic body contours, and a lower horn and neck heel for comfortable upper fret access. The AJ also employs a cozy medium “C”-shaped maple neck, a 12”-radius fingerboard with nickel silver frets, and the John Page Classic threaded bolt neck joint for enhanced tonal transfer. Under the hood, the AJ sports a Bloodline® by John Page JP-3P neck pickup to give you that classic P-90 voice with added clarity and a Bloodline® by John Page JP-3T reverse-angled T-style pickup for that classic twang with some extra depth on the top-end. The traditional-style control layout includes a single Volume control, a single Tone control, and a 3-way switch (noise cancelling in the middle position). Top-quality nickel/chrome hardware including a set of Gotoh staggered vintage-style tuning machines and a JP vintage T-style 3-saddle bridge with compensated brass saddles. The AJ comes complete with a high-quality gig bag.