Unlike your stereo system at home, studio monitors for your home recording studio are designed to give you a clear and accurate impression of your recording. Since you want your home recordings to sound great on every audio system, it’s important to use monitors that most accurately playback your recordings exactly how they sound. In other words, the purpose of studio monitors is not to make your recording sound great, but to play your recording exactly the way it sounds, so that you can make it sound great.

When selecting monitors for your home recording studio, you’ll need to choose between passive and active speakers. Passive speakers require an external power source to amplify your recording; whereas active speakers have the amplifier built in. Both active and passive studio monitors will work great in your home recording studio, but just remember that with passive speakers you will also need a separate amplifier. Samson MediaOne 5a Active Studio Monitors make a great addition to any home recording studio. Its 30 watt built in amplifier will provide more than enough power for everything from mixing to mastering your home recordings. Plus, with a headphone jack on the speakers themselves, you’ll be able to switch between your headphones and monitors quickly and conveniently when recording.


Whether recording yourself, some friends or even a full band, studio grade headphones are not only a great addition to any home recording studio, but often times a necessity as well. Throughout the course of recording you’re probably going to want to add some additional tracks to your songs. While doing so, you need to be able to hear the song, and to make sure the microphone can’t; headphones are perfect for this.

When choosing headphones for your home recording studio, it’s advisable to find ones that successfully isolate outside sounds. The Direct Sound EX29 Extreme Isolation Headphones, for example, give you a comfortable, light-weight style with the isolation you need to ensure you can hear your songs properly.

Headphone amplifiers

One of the most useful accessories any home recording studio can have is a headphone amplifier. For those of you looking to create a home recording studio perfect for small groups and full bands, you may even consider a separate headphone amplifier a necessity to ensure that everyone can hear each other. With the Rolls HA43 Stereo Headphone Amplifier you can turn one headphone channel into four, making it the perfect amplifier for any home recording studio looking to record multiple instruments at the same time. Plus, with a separate volume control for each channel, everyone whose recording can hear everything they need to. And if four channels are not enough, you can always add more units to your home recording studio whenever the need arises.