There are several great reasons to consider an electronic drum set. Whatever your opinion of electronic drums may be, let’s take a minute to consider the advantages electronic drums provide.

Electronic Drums Let You Practice Whenever You Like

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that acoustic drums are loud. This makes it extremely difficult to practice without disturbing your family, friends, neighbors or sometimes even people residing in the next area code. While the sheer power of acoustic drums may be a bit much, the near silence of practice pads and mutes is upsetting in a completely different way. Electronic drums allow you to control the volume, allowing you to practice whenever you want.

Electronic Drums Make Learning Easier

Many electronic drum sets come with a large number of preset patterns. These are repeating patterns of common drum parts from a wide array of musical styles. By playing along with them you’ll be able to master numerous styles, some of which you may not have been familiar with before. Expanding your drumming skills and developing your sense of coordination will help mold you into a better all-around player.

Electronic Drums Enhance Your Creativity

Most electronic drum sets feature an auxiliary input that will allow you to plug in your iPod or another similar device — making it easier than ever to play along to your favorite songs. This also makes it easier for the working musician to workshop ideas over demos or promising riffs. You will have the advantage of being able to work on your approach in a private and comfortable manner.

Electronic Drums For Recording

Recording with an Electronic Drum Set is so much easier than recording acoustic drums — especially for those of us without a sound-proof recording studio, endless funding for studio time, or proper miking knowledge to really get the acoustic drums to sing on.

Choosing an Electronic Drum Set

The top brands of the Electronic Drum Set realm are Alesis, Kat, Pearl, Roland, and Yamaha. These brands give you quality sound and playability while still being durable enough to the heaviest hitters, night in and night out. When choosing your kit, one of the most important features to look at is the module. The module is essentially the brain of the electronic drum set. This is what gives you your sounds and responsiveness. Make sure it features everything you’ll need to suit your playing style. In addition make sure the tom and cymbal pads have a comfortable feel, and distinct triggering ability.

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