Taking the first steps to learn the acoustic guitar is a big decision, and choosing which guitar is right for you is a crucial part of this process. Thankfully, some of the best guitar manufacturers offer acoustic guitar starter packs that have been perfectly tailored to suit the needs of new guitar players. With trusted brands like Fender, Ibanez, Cordoba, Yamaha and Epiphone offering their own acoustic guitar starter packs, you’ll have no trouble finding everything you need to get started.

Take, for example, the Fender DG8S Premium Acoustic Guitar Package. This guitar starter pack offers a solid, spruce top dreadnought guitar, a gig bag, replacement strings, an electric tuner, picks and a strap. It even comes with instructional DVDs to help you learn the basics faster. You’ll be ready to go right out of the box with this or any other acoustic guitar starter pack offered by Sam Ash.

What is Included in a Quality, Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack?

There are a lot of affordable packages available for those looking to buy their first acoustic guitar. While it may seem like a good idea to buy the cheapest pack you can find, make sure the following items are included before making a purchase.

A Quality, Starter Acoustic Guitar: As you prepare to strum your first chords, it’s important to have an acoustic guitar that is designed for easy playability and great sound. With an acoustic guitar starter pack from a well-established brand, you get a quality guitar that is designed with beginners in mind, which means you’ll have an easier time practicing and maintaining your guitar.

A Gig Bag or Case: Even though you may never want to put your starter guitar down, it’s a good idea to have a protective case or gig bag to keep it safe. These products will help make sure your new acoustic guitar isn’t damaged when taking it on the road and protect it from the damaging effects of heat, sunlight and moisture. With proper care and maintenance, your starter guitar will stay in top condition years.

A Strap: Whether you’re sitting or standing while you practice, the guitar will often be more comfortable to hold when you use a strap. Plus, with a strap holding the guitar in the proper place, you will develop more consistency and better form for playing.

Additional Accessories: An acoustic guitar starter pack will always include some bonus accessories, like a digital tuner, picks, extra strings, instructional books, DVDs and more. You won’t have to worry about purchasing all of these items individually if you find the right acoustic guitar starter pack.

With all the different manufacturers that offer acoustic guitar starter packs, you can find the style of guitar you like with all the extras you need. For example, the Cordoba CP110 Acoustic Guitar Package offers a great starter guitar made with a solid spruce top, a rosewood fingerboard, and a maple back. This acoustic guitar starter pack also offers tons of accessories, like a digital tuner, padded gig bag, string winder, strap, and an instructional book.

Finding all the equipment you need is a difficult and confusing task for any new musician. Acoustic guitar starter packs are designed to alleviate this confusion by offering all the gear you need to get started in one easy to shop for bundle. Most importantly, acoustic guitar starter packs are offered by the most trusted manufacturers, so you can always feel confident in the quality of your equipmen